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Kamal Rural Municipality Steps up on Scholarship Accountability for Private Schools

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Kamal Rural Municipality Map

Kamal Rural Municipality Steps up on Scholarship Accountability for Private Schools

The Kamal Rural Municipality of Jhapa has raised concerns over the alleged failure of local private schools to provide mandatory scholarships to deserving students. Following numerous complaints, the municipality has requested these institutions to furnish details of their scholarship allocations.

Jehendar Scholarship: An Opportunity for the Brightest Minds

According to the Kamal Rural Municipality Education Committee's decision, they are poised to implement the provisions of sub-rule 1 of Rule 121 of the Education Regulations 2059. This rule ensures the provision of the Jehendar Scholarship, ranging from 50 to 100 percent, for the top two students in each class studying in these institutions.

Sub-rule 2: A Pathway for the Marginalized

Sub-rule 2 further directs private schools to allocate scholarships for underprivileged, differently-abled, female, Dalit, and tribal students. This mandate requires the total number of scholarship recipients to represent at least 10% of the school's overall student population, safeguarding educational opportunities for these disadvantaged groups.

Transparency in Scholarship Distribution

The municipality has issued a circular to the institutions within its jurisdiction, urging them to submit detailed records of their scholarship distributions. This record should reflect the 10% of the total student population receiving scholarships. The municipality has requested for contact mobile numbers to be attached with the names of the students' parents, for ease of communication and confirmation.

A Step towards Fair Distribution of Scholarships

Chairman of the rural municipality, Mr. Rai, expressed apprehensions that scholarships might be unfairly allotted to relatives and close associates. He emphasized that any discrepancies, including cases where scholarships are recorded but not actually provided, will be thoroughly investigated. The Chairman made it clear that strict action will be taken against schools failing to adhere to these education regulations.

The move from the Kamal Rural Municipality indicates a serious commitment to ensuring equitable access to education, particularly for the marginalized and academically outstanding students. This action serves as a reminder to all educational institutions to prioritize transparency and fairness in scholarship distribution.

Published on 4th August 2023

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