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Kathmandu University Alumni Award 2020 Online Application

Scholarship 03 Nov 2020 713 0

Kathmandu University Alumni Award 2020 Online Application:

Kathmandu University Alumni Award 2020 During two and half decades-long history of Kathmandu University (KU), its graduates have left an indelible mark of achievement and excellence in diverse fields of national life including academia, innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship. KU graduates have demonstrated their proven abilities beyond Nepal's borders.

These achievements are not only the source of pride and fulfillment for individual graduates but also a matter of celebration for the University as their alma mater. KU has made it a tradition to recognize the outstanding achievers among its alumni on KU Day (25th Mangsir), planned for 10th December 2020.

This year KU is celebrating its 29th year of establishment too and we plan to honor among those alumni who have made a noteworthy contribution by offering their services in their respective fields towards mitigating adverse impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic. For the purpose of the award, we would like to request our alumni to let us know about their important works to be evaluated by our jury.

Please fill in an online form by logging into the alumni website: Kindly also help us update your information in the database for our record and retrieval on a future date.

*For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]