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Madan Bhandari University Introduces Scholarship Program for Masters and PhD

Scholarship 04 Nov 2023 1312 0

Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology Building

Madan Bhandari University Introduces Scholarship Program for Masters and PhD

The Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology (MBUST), a prestigious institution located in Thaha Municipality-9, has taken a significant leap in fostering academic excellence by launching an exclusive scholarship program for its Masters and PhD students. Starting this academic year, MBUST has announced a generous monthly scholarship of Rs. 25,000 for Masters students and Rs. 30,000 for PhD scholars.

A Commitment to Academic Excellence

  • Opening Doors to Higher Education: With the goal to compete with leading global universities, MBUST has opened its doors to 32 deserving students this year, ensuring they get the best research-based education without the burden of financial constraints.
  • Courses Offered: Admission has commenced for four specialized subjects, each crafted to meet international standards and promote innovation.

Visionary Funding Goals

  • Ambitious Funding Targets: Prof. Rajendra Dhwaj Joshi, Chairman of the MBUST Trustee Committee, revealed the university's ambitious plan to amass a fund of one billion rupees from a minimum of one lakh contributors.
  • Financial Transparency: The chairman reported the university’s current fund status of 30 lakh rupees, alongside the allocation of 95 million rupees by the government of Nepal dedicated to the university's infrastructure.

Innovative Academic Programs

  • Forest-Based Study: The university is set to introduce a curriculum focusing on transforming 'kukath,' a forestry by-product, into an economic resource, potentially revolutionizing Nepal’s forest sector's revenue streams.
  • Agricultural Advancements: With organic agriculture programs on the horizon, MBUST is positioning itself as a pioneer in research that supports Nepal’s identity as an agrarian country.

First-of-its-Kind Tourism Education

  • Pioneering Tourism Infrastructure Education: MBUST claims to have launched the world's first tourism infrastructure education class, underlining Nepal’s untapped potential in the tourism sector and aiming to fortify it through strategic educational programs.

Redefining Faculty Engagement

  • Non-Permanent Staffing Model: In an unprecedented move, MBUST has introduced a dynamic staffing model where professors and staff members are engaged on a non-permanent basis, aligning with the institution’s focus on adaptability and excellence.

A Holistic Approach to Learning

  • Balancing Theory and Research: MBUST emphasizes a balanced educational approach with 20 credit hours dedicated to theoretical knowledge and a substantial 50 credit hours allocated for research.

This bold educational initiative by MBUST marks a transformative phase in Nepal’s higher education, promising to produce not just graduates, but thought leaders and innovators ready to contribute meaningfully to society and the global knowledge economy.

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