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MBBS, Engineering, CA and Higher Education Scholarship from Barbardiya Municipality

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MBBS, Engineering, CA and Higher Education Scholarship from Barbardiya Municipality

Barbardiya Municipality (Nagarpalika), Municipal Executive Office, Jayanagar, Bardiya, Lumbini Province, Nepal Scholarship notice: The fiscal Year 2078/079 annual program of this Barbardia Municipality is in accordance with the working procedure related to the scholarship made for the implementation of the mayor's program with the public; Those who are eligible to study technical and general education in higher education permanently residing in this Barbardia municipality are eligible to do so as of 10 (ten) from the date of publication of this notice.

This notice has been published in all concerned to apply to Barbardiya Municipality in the prescribed format within the day. Also, if the application is received after the stipulated time, no action will be taken on the application.


1) Number of quotas for technical higher education

(A) MBBS - 1 (One)

(B) Engineering - 1 (One)

(C) Charter Accountant - 1 (One)

2) For General Higher Education

(A) Muktaka Maiya (7), Mukta Kamalari (10), Economically Poor Jehendar (14), Poor Dalit (7), Marginalized and Endangered (2) Children of Martyred Disappeared and Injured Families (10)

3) Necessary minimum condition and qualification documents

(A) Must be a permanent resident of Barbardiya Municipality from the time of passing SLC / SEE.

(B) Must have passed SLC / SEE from a community school.

(C) Copy of Merit List of those who have passed the entrance examination for technical education.

(D) Certified copy of educational qualification.

(E) Certificate of citizenship.

(F) Official letter of recommendation from the target group.

(G) Letter of recommendation of the concerned ward in case of financial deprivation.

(H) Letter of recommendation from the study institution.

First published date: 2078-05-27

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