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MoFAGA Invites Scholarship Applications from the Children of Govt Employees

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MoFAGA Invites Scholarship Applications from the Children of Government Employees

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Secretariat of the Educational Incentive Scholarship Management Committee Important information regarding the application of Scholarship Incentive Scholarship to the children of Civil Servants.

Subject to the approved annual program of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration for the Fiscal Year 2075/79, the Government of Nepal, in accordance with the “Directive on Providing Educational Incentive Scholarships to the Children of Civil Servants, 2078” approved by the Council of Ministers. Graduate or equivalent level enrolled in the first year or first or second semester and studying in accordance with the Civil Service Act, 2049, Nepal Health Services Act, 2053, and the Legislature-Parliament Secretariat Act, 2064. As of 2075, Educational Incentive Scholarship will be given to the deserving children of the civil servants who have been adjusted from the government service to the state and local level, retirement period from the civil service, and retired or appointed from the civil service to the post of constitutional body or judge. As provided, the following documents and Within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of publication of the information enclosing the details, the Secretariat of the Educational Promotion Scholarship Management Committee, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Singha Durbar will be reached through as per Schedule 1 of the Online Application Guideline. This information has been published for the information of all concerned to be submitted in the format.


(1) Qualifications required for Educational Incentive Scholarship:

(A) Passed ten plus two or equivalent examination with at least C + grade or GPA 2.4 or equivalent,

(B) studying in the first year or first or second semester of the bachelor's degree or similar level by enrolling in a university within Nepal or an affiliated or affiliated educational institution of such university.

(C) under the age of twenty-five years,

(D) No permanent appointment in the posts of Civil Service, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal or Government of Nepal or State Government or local level or other public services.

(2) Scanned copies of the following documents must be uploaded along with the application:

(A) Citizenship Certificate (including residency certificate if current permanent address is different),

(B) Entrance Certificate (SLC / SEE) and 10+2 Educational Certificates (Letter / Transcript and Certificate of Character),

(C) Recommendation letter of the office where the parent employee is working (in the format as available on and Retirement certificate and leave letter in case of a retired employee,

(D) Recommendation letter from the National Examination Board or its affiliated office for passing the secondary education or similar examination from the community or government secondary school, saying that the educational institution concerned is community or government,

(E) Recommendation letter of the educational institution (college campus) being studied (in the format available at,

(F) Certificate of the concerned district administration office or official document confirming the incident, a document proving the inclusion, in the case of the offspring of the employee who died in connection with government work

(G) Certificate of Relationship in case of non-disclosure of the relationship between the parent, employee, and the offspring student through citizenship,

(H) Copy of identity card in case of a reinstated employee,

(I) Passport size photograph recently taken of parent staff and studying children.

(3) While providing educational incentive scholarships to the children of civil servants, the subject, number, duration, and amount of educational incentive scholarship will be provided on the basis of application received in accordance with Article 8 of the directive and inclusive quota as per Article 6 will be determined.

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration

Staff Welfare Branch, Singha Durbar, Kathmandu.

Phone: 01-4200309,

Email: [email protected]


Published date: 2079-01-12

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