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Nepal Sanskrit University Call Application for Research Fellowships Program

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Nepal Sanskrit University

Nepal Sanskrit University Call Application for Research Fellowships Program:

Nepal Sanskrit University, Research Center, Beljhundi, Dang Research Notice: Applications are invited from those who wish to participate in the following research program approved for the academic year 2077/078 of Nepal Sanskrit University to be received at the Nepal Sanskrit University Research Center by the 18th of Push, 2077 BS. For detailed information on this subject, please contact the office on 082-400091.

A) Sopadhik Research Program:

1) As per the working procedure of 2074 regarding the University Grants Commission (Ph.D.), a residential-class related to philosophy and technology of 18 credit hours should be taken.

2) The research period shall be a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years.

3) For Ph.D., only applications related to the subjects being taught in Nepal Sanskrit University will be accepted.

4) In the case of non-Sanskrit subjects being taught in Nepal Sanskrit University, thematic titles related to Sanskrit literature should be made.

5) In the case of M.Phil and Ph.D. researchers, residential 15 credit hours will not be mandatory.

B) Non-Aligned Research Program Special: Research Exploratory research on the religious, cultural, traditional and social, and economic aspects of the castes designated as Dalits and Janajatis by the Government of Nepal residing in the State of Nepal.

Editing texts:

Editing of ancient rare and nationally important texts related to Oriental Studies in the National Archives and Personal Collection.


Important texts to convey the knowledge written in the Sanskrit language to the people through the Nepali language.

Nepal Sanskrit University

Beljhundi, Dang

Estd. 1986