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Padmasamsher Memorial Foundation Bardibas Awarded full scholarship to Poor and Meritorious Students

Scholarship 07 Nov 2022 913 0

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Scholarship money has been provided to the students of technical schools in Bardibas Nagar area of ​​Mahottari. Padmasamsher Memorial Foundation Bardibas awarded full scholarship amount to poor and meritorious students for diploma (bachelor) level studies in technical education during a ceremony on Saturday.

After the foundation provided full scholarships to six poor and meritorious students from Bardibas-1 Mahottari to study in various schools in the city, the students say that lack of money will not stop their studies.

Mandal of an extremely poor family has started diploma-level studies in Hotel Management at Nirmal Lama Polytechnic Institute located in Sundarbasti of Bardibas-11 Khairmara. According to the decision made by the institution last October, the amount was provided by check today in the presence of the head of the concerned school.

Likewise, Dinita Devkota from a very poor family in Khairmara has also received a full scholarship from the foundation for studying and practicing radiography at the same school.

 "Despite the desire, I did not feel like I could study because of the poverty of the family", Devkota expressed her happiness after being selected for the scholarship, "Now the institution has made sure. I will get good results by studying diligently.

Kavita Choulagai and Jenisa Tamang of Bardibas-3 have received full scholarships from the institute to study their bachelor's degree in animal science and crop science respectively. Choulagai and Tamang have started studying at Janata Madhyamik Vidyalaya Bardibas-3 Gouridanda, which is conducting the teaching of the technical stream they have chosen.

Similarly, Ravin Kumar Sah of Bardibas-6 and Manish Kumar Mahato of Bardibas-7 have received full scholarships to study for graduation in Civil Engineering and Computer Science respectively. Both of them have started studying in Janhit Nandalal Secondary School located in Bardibas-6 Chaulikha.

'I filled the application for the scholarship for enrollment with the desire to study', Ravin Kumar Sah, who was announced for the scholarship for the study of civil engineering, said with emotion, 'I had no hope that a poor person like me would be able to study, but I passed the CTEVT (passed the aptitude test) and the institute from both places. I got the opportunity.'

Although the foundation has announced to give scholarships to 15 students who are residents of Bardibas city area since the academic session 2077 to study in technical schools of this city area, the number according to the standards has been falling short. 11 people in the first year (2077) and nine people in the last year (2078) have continued their studies with full scholarship. This year, six people have received scholarships, bringing the number of students benefiting from the institution to 26. Two of them have completed their studies in computer science.

Today, in a ceremony organized to bid farewell to the students who have completed their studies and to award scholarships to the six students selected this year, the foundation awarded certificates of honor to Anil Giri and Raksha Sigdel who completed their studies. The chief guest of the certificate and cash check handing over program was given by Bharat Babu Subedi, Head of District Education Development and Coordination Unit, Mahottari.

Bishnu Khadka, the president of the foundation, says, "Efforts have been started with the thought that the opportunity of education should not be lost due to financial reasons". Khadka, president of the foundation, says that he remembered that his desire to study in the past was not fulfilled due to financial reasons, and now that he has the financial status to do some social work, he has started initiatives to improve the educational situation.

"At that time (30 years ago) after I passed SLC, I could not continue my studies due to poverty", he said, "Now I am able to spend some money through hard work." So self. I started educational work through the scholarship fund by establishing a foundation in the name of my parents.

Khadka says that he feels satisfied and happy with the feeling that he is doing social work to support the education of Jehendar students from poor families. According to Ganesh Prasad Dahal, Head of Education and Sports Branch of Bardibas City Executive Office, the foundation's contribution to the spread of education in the Bardibas city area has helped in the development of skilled manpower.

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