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Pre-Nomination List of Bachelor Level Medical Programs Published: Medical Education Commission

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Pre-Nomination List of Bachelor Level Medical Programs Published Medical Education Commission


Download Complete Pre-nomination List from Here (PDF File)

Medical Education Commission (MEC) Published the Medical Education Graduate Level Scholarships and Information on Pre-Nomination for Matching Seats for Foreign candidates.

A list of pre-nominations for scholarships and overseas matching seats has been published on the basis of the qualifications of the Unified Entrance Examination conducted for the current academic session in all the universities and undergraduate level of medical education and the priorities determined by the examinees. Candidates on the list must follow the instructions below.

1) Candidates listed in the list of pre-nominees must inform the Commission through their online profile if they agree or disagree to study in the pre-nominated seat by 5:00 pm on 2078-06-07. Candidates who have been pre-nominated for only one seat will be deemed to have accepted the pre-nomination automatically if they do not provide any information within the stipulated time. However, in the case of pre-nomination in more than one educational program, consent will have to be given to study in only one program. No candidate can be nominated for any seat if he/she has been nominated in more than one program but does not agree or disagree with any program.

2) The password will be sent to the mobile of the selected candidate to open the profile. Candidates can browse to and use their password to click on the "Check your status" button. Then click on the set nomination button to accept (agree) or reply (disagree) by clicking withdraw.

3) The candidate will be automatically removed from the rest of the matching this year whether he/she is admitted as per the pre-nomination or not. However, if the candidate on the pre-nomination list withdraws within the stipulated time not to study, he/she will get the opportunity of paid or other educational programs other than that; Dissent must be made by 5:00 pm on 2078-06-07. In such a case, the person will be automatically removed from the list of scholarships. However, if there is no candidate for the paid and other educational programs of the same program, he/she may be included in the match for the same. Candidates who do not disagree and do not even enroll in the nominated seat will not be allowed to be included in any scholarship (including foreign) quota and paid group received after this.

4) In case a candidate is unable to study due to a previous nomination and his / her name is removed from the nomination, re-matching will take place in the vacant seat; As the educational institution or "Educational Institution and Educational Program" may change according to the priority determined by the candidate on the basis of merit list, the candidate of the last merit list who gets the opportunity by changing the matching list will be given an opportunity to accept or disqualify his / her nomination within 1 (one) day period. . Therefore, if the candidate of the highest rank closest to his merit is matching, the candidate is requested to follow the pre-nomination information carefully. No claim will be made if the next merit candidate is nominated in the educational institution and program in which he/she has not determined the priority.




Principal Candidate's Response STARTS

05 Aswin 2078 10:00 AM

Principal Candidate's Response CLOSES

07 Aswin 2078 5:00 PM

Pre-Nomination of the Foreign Candidates from the First Matching List

Medical Education Commission publishes the first pre-nomination of the candidates on the first matching list for the FOREIGN category as per the merit and priority order selected by the candidates.

The candidate in the pre-nomination list will have to browse to and click on the "Check status" button and access the personal profile by entering the "Password" mailed to the candidate in order to mark his/her response to the matched seat.

The respective candidates should either ACCEPT or WITHDRAW the matched seat within the given time period of 3 days. In case a candidate is pre-nominated for more than one academic program, s/he must accept the one which s/he wished to study and should compulsorily withdraw the rest.

The vacant seat created due to WITHDRAWAL is re-matched for the higher priorities of the subsequent candidates so that the lower seats created will be matched for the new-entry­candidates. The new-entry candidates will be provided a period of one day to compulsorily ACCEPT or WITHDRAW the matched seat.

After a candidate accepts the matching, s/he is supposed to take admission in the respective college/ campus within the due date.



Date/Time (NST)

Principal Candidate's response STARTS

21 September-2021 10:00 AM

Principal Candidate's response CLOSES

23 September-2021, 5:00 PM

Since there are more seats available than the total number of merit candidates, then will be only one event of Matching.

The remaining seat will be fulfilled by matching the merit and priority order of the foreign candidates who had duly applied with the second option, within the given deadline as per the notice of 16th March 2021, not to appear in MECEE-BL but to apply for the remaining foreign seat based on the score obtained in the national level common entrance examination of their respective country.

The seats remaining vacant henceforth will be converted into Nepalese open (paying) seats.

Please keep following our website for the Admission list (Accepted List) and the admission deadline will be notified later.


Pre-Nomination List of Bachelor Level Medical Programs Published by Medical Education Commission.pdf

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