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Resolution of the Scholarship Quota Issue for Nepali Medical Students in Bangladesh

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Resolution of the Scholarship Quota Issue for Nepali Medical Students in Bangladesh

The recent issue regarding the exclusion of Nepali students from the scholarship quota list to study medicine in Bangladesh has been resolved. The Bangladeshi government has decided to admit the eight students who were initially left out of the final list.


  • Initial Recommendations: The Government of Nepal recommended 22 students (19 for MBBS and 3 for BDS) for medical studies in Bangladesh.
  • Submission Process: These recommendations were submitted by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology to the Bangladeshi government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Final List Discrepancy: When the final list was published, it only included 12 students, causing concern among the excluded students and their families.

Government Actions

  • Parliamentary Inquiry: The Education, Health, and Information Technology Committee of the Parliament inquired about the discrepancy from Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, Sumana Shrestha.
  • Diplomatic Efforts: Minister Shrestha engaged in discussions with the Bangladeshi ambassador in Nepal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also sent a diplomatic note to the Bangladeshi government.


  • Inclusion of Missing Students: In response to the diplomatic efforts, Bangladesh agreed to admit the eight missing students. Joint Secretary Kamal Pokheral confirmed this decision through a diplomatic note.
  • Online Form Issue: It was noted that out of the 22 recommended students, two did not fill out the required online form for studying in Bangladesh. This issue was addressed by the Ministry of Education.

Future Steps

  • Minister’s Appeal: Education Minister Shrestha has called on the relevant students to complete their studies in Bangladesh and return to Nepal to serve their country.

Key Points

  • Students Recommended: 22 (19 MBBS, 3 BDS)
  • Final List Published: Included only 12 students initially
  • Resolution: Inclusion of the eight missing students
  • Ongoing Support: Continued encouragement for students to serve Nepal post-graduation


The swift diplomatic and governmental actions have successfully addressed the issue of the scholarship quota manipulation for Nepali students aspiring to study medicine in Bangladesh. This resolution ensures that all deserving students can pursue their education as planned, reinforcing the commitment to educational opportunities and international cooperation.

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