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Tatopani Rural Municipality to Launch MBBS Scholarship Initiative for Dalit and Minority Students

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Tatopani Rural Municipality

Tatopani Rural Municipality to Launch MBBS Scholarship Initiative for Dalit and Minority Students

The Tatopani Rural Municipality in Jumla is initiating an ambitious program to empower local students from Jehendar, Dalit, and minority communities. This initiative will provide scholarships for MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) studies, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse medical community.

Education Equality through Scholarships

According to the municipality's policy, program, and budget for the fiscal year 2080/81, students who successfully pass the MBBS entrance exam from a recognized institution will be eligible for this scholarship. Village Chairman Nanda Prasad Choulagai announced a budget allocation of Rs. 1.5 million for this initiative, which aims to address educational disparity and promote inclusion in the health sector.

"We have earmarked the budget through policies and programs specifically designed for the students aspiring to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Medicine," Choulagai commented.

Scholarship Details and Eligibility

Under this initiative, one student per year will receive a scholarship that covers 50% of their MBBS studies, as confirmed by the Chief Administrative Officer Tirtha Bahadur Kathayat. This ensures a steady supply of medical professionals from underserved communities.

Post-Scholarship Commitment and Community Impact

Additionally, the scholarship comes with a post-graduation commitment. Once students complete their MBBS, they are required to serve in a five-bed hospital, which is due to be built in Ward No. (information to be provided), for at least two years free of charge. This serves to ensure that the community directly benefits from the trained health professionals.

Expanding Medical Services in the Municipality

The Tatopani Rural Municipality also plans to introduce nursing services in every public secondary school, a move indicative of the local administration's commitment to improving public health and providing quality medical care to all residents. This follows a similar initiative by Patarasi Rural Municipality, which previously offered scholarships for MBBS students.

Through these strategic moves, the Tatopani Rural Municipality is demonstrating its dedication to empowering local students, enhancing healthcare access, and promoting diversity within the medical field.

Published 8th July 2023

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