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Tribhuvan University Call for Research Project Proposals in National Priority Areas

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Office of the Rector Tribhuvan University, Research Directorate, Kirtipur Notice of Call for Research Project Proposals in National Priority Areas.

The Office of the Rector, Research Directorate, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, under the Research Grant Program of the Government of Nepal for the Fiscal Year 2078 BS and 2079 BS, has informed the Research Proposal to all the agencies under Tribhuvan University to conduct research in the National Priority Areas.

Revised research procedures, research proposal format, evaluation method, and related information can be obtained within 15 days by posting on Tribhuvan University website

As per the above procedure, three copies of the research proposal and its digital copy should be submitted to this Directorate by 4:00 pm on 2078-12-10.

The research proposal submitted under this project should not have been submitted anywhere else. Research proposals on linguistic subjects other than English, Nepali, and other subjects should be written in English. It is also informed that the research proposals which have not been completed on the basis and procedure prescribed by the Directorate of Research will not be accepted.

Until the final report of the projects provided under Tribhuvan University is submitted, the researchers involved in it will not be allowed to apply for other projects of Tribhuvan University.

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