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Urgent Admission Updates for Medical and Nursing Institutes in Pokhara and Biratnagar

If you're an aspiring medical or nursing student eyeing a spot in some of the most esteemed institutions in Pokhara and Biratnagar, we have important admission information for you. Institutions have published notices for vacant seats and alternative list admissions, and the deadlines are fast approaching.

Fewacity Institute of Medical Sciences, Pokhara

  • Notification Date: 2080/05/25
  • Vacant Seats: 3 in open quota for the Certificate Level Nursing program for the academic session 2080/081.
  • Action Needed: Candidates on the alternate list should register within 5 days from the date of notification.
  • Contact Information: Fewacity Institute of Medical Science, Nagadhunga, Pokhara-8, Phone: 061-575247

Note: Office hours apply for enrollment.

Neuro Health College, Biratnagar

  • Notification Date: Results published on 2080/05/14 by the CTEVT Koshi State Office
  • Program: Certificate level general medicine and nursing for the academic session 080/081.
  • Vacant Seats: Not specified but admissions are open.
  • Action Needed: Interested students on the Pass List should apply within 5 office days.
  • Contact Information: Neuro Health College, Biratnagar, Phone: 021-417194

Fishtail Nursing Campus, Pokhara

  • Notification Date: Results published on 2080/05/13 by the CTEVT State Office No. 04
  • Vacant Seats: Target group -1 seat, Open side - 4 seats for the PCL nursing program for the academic session 2080/2081.
  • Action Needed: Register your application for admission by 4:00 PM on 29/05/2080 if you are in the Alternative and Pass List of the Thapsil quota.
  • Contact Information: Fishtail Nursing Campus, Pokhara-04, Gahrapatan, Phone: 061-543866

Important: Follow the institution's official deadlines strictly, as there's limited time and seats available.

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