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Apollo International College (AIC) is a leading educational institution established in 2010 AD in Kathmandu, Nepal. The college is located in the heart of the capital city, New-Baneshwor, and is affiliated with Pokhara University. AIC offers three undergraduate programs, namely Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking & Insurance (BBA-BI), and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM). The college aims to produce highly skilled and professional managers with a strong conceptual foundation in various areas of business, as well as entrepreneurs capable of managing small and medium-sized enterprises.

AIC is managed by a team of competent and dedicated professionals and academics who possess valuable experience in the educational field. The faculty members are highly trained and diverse in their academic and research backgrounds, which allows them to effectively deal with academic issues. The college aims to develop leadership skills, creativity, and entrepreneurship in the students to prepare them for future challenges in the business world.

The college has a clear vision and mission to impart quality education to its students and meet the needs of the changing society. It is committed to responding positively to both opportunities and challenges, thereby empowering its students to earn well-deserved positions in reputed institutions in Nepal and abroad.

AIC highly emphasizes extracurricular activities and encourages its students to explore their potential in various ways. The college firmly believes in the philosophy of serenity and charm of existence, which reflects in its guiding principles and the key to success.

The entry requirements for the BBA program at AIC are an Intermediate or Higher Secondary level (10+2) or Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL), or equivalent as recognized by Pokhara University. In addition, the student must pass the entrance test conducted by the concerned college. To apply, the applicant must submit a completed and signed BBA application form, official transcripts from academic institutions previously attended, and certificates of all degrees with proper attestation. Enrollment is conditional upon completion of all admission formalities, including payment of all fees as determined by the college.

The academic schedule at AIC consists of two semesters, with the Fall Semester starting in September and the Spring Semester starting in March. Students are required to register for their courses at the beginning of each semester, and attendance requirements mandate a minimum of 80% of the classes actually held. A student's academic performance is evaluated in two phases, internally by the concerned faculty member and externally by the Office of the Controller of Examinations through semester-end examinations. A fifty percent weight is given to each internal and external evaluation, and a student is required to pass both independently.

Overall, AIC is a premier educational institution that provides quality education to aspiring students in Nepal. Its commitment to producing highly skilled and professional managers, as well as entrepreneurs capable of managing small and medium-sized enterprises, is evident through its rigorous academic programs and extracurricular activities. The college's guiding principles and emphasis on serenity and charm of existence are integral to its success, and it continues to inspire and empower students to achieve their full potential.


At the AIC (Academic Institute of Creativity), students' academic activities are taken very seriously, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for future challenges in the business world. To achieve this, the college has a team of highly dedicated faculty members with diverse academic and research backgrounds who adopt a student-centered teaching-learning methodology.

The college recognizes the importance of a stimulating learning environment and encourages group discussions, project works, and class participation. Group discussions provide students with a platform to share their diverse ideas and enhance their learning experience. Project works relevant to course requirements help develop experimental, time management, and presentation skills. In-class participation is highly appreciated at AIC, and students are encouraged to ask questions and express their doubts without hesitation.

AIC places great emphasis on practical learning and frequently organizes field trips and excursions to help students experience the application of their knowledge in the real world. After the completion of the 5th semester examination of BBA, students are engaged in different Banks and Business Houses on an intern basis for a period of 6 to 8 weeks, giving them an opportunity to put their classroom learning into practice.

The college also provides opportunities for students to learn from leading personalities and authorities from various fields. Regularly, such personalities are invited to speak to students on a variety of subjects, with multimedia access available in each classroom for the use of audio-visual aids to ensure elective learning. Workshops are also organized to discuss ideas on a particular topic, with different experts from the respective areas invited to conduct the workshop seminar.

Overall, AIC offers an excellent learning environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and practical learning, preparing students to face future challenges in the business world. With modern equipment, real-life experiences, and a dedicated faculty, AIC is the perfect place for students to acquire skills that will help them thrive in the competitive business world.


At AIC, the provision of facilities that enhance the academic and personal development of students is a top priority. The college boasts of an impressive library that is well-stocked with a vast collection of textbooks, reference materials, study reports, journals, and audio-visual CDs, which aid students in their research and learning activities. This library provides a conducive atmosphere for students to carry out their studies effectively.

The computer lab is another facility that is a source of pride for AIC. With the latest technology and multimedia equipment, the computer lab ensures that students have unlimited internet access and a sufficient number of computers to complete their academic tasks efficiently. The college has also incorporated various teaching aids, such as overhead projectors and audio-visual aids, to enhance the learning experience of the students.

AIC recognizes that counseling is essential for students' academic and personal growth and has established a guidance program that provides classroom and individual counseling sessions. This program supports students in social and emotional issues, career planning, and academic needs. The college understands that every student is unique, and this approach is in line with its philosophy of recognizing each student's specific needs.

Physical activities and sports are also an integral part of AIC's college experience. The college organizes an annual sports program that includes a range of games such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, and chess. AIC encourages students to participate in inter-college sports competitions to foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and a healthy lifestyle.

AIC's cafeteria serves healthy and hygienic food and beverages throughout the day at reasonable prices. This canteen is a social hub where students can relax and unwind after a busy day of classes or during breaks.

Overall, AIC's top-notch facilities, combined with its student-centered teaching and learning methodology, aims to prepare students to face future challenges in the business world and become successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals.


Education is a crucial aspect of one's life, but sometimes the cost of education can become a barrier for many students. Recognizing this, AIC offers scholarships to deserving students to make education accessible to everyone. The scholarships are available for both first and second to eighth semesters.

For the first semester, scholarships are awarded based on the CGPA of the NEB exam, entrance test, and interview performance. This scholarship program aims to encourage students to perform well in their exams and interviews, which would make them eligible for financial assistance in their academic journey.

For the second to eighth semester, scholarships are granted based on the previous semester's results. This scholarship is available only for BBA, BBA-BI, and BHM students, and it covers tuition fees only. The scholarship amount is divided among the top three candidates, with the first position holder receiving 100% of the scholarship, the second position holder receiving 50%, and the third position holder receiving 25%. In the case of a tie among the top three students, the scholarship amount is distributed proportionally among them.

These scholarships not only make education affordable but also motivate students to excel in their academic pursuits. With these scholarship programs, AIC aims to create a level playing field for all students, regardless of their financial backgrounds. It is a testament to the college's commitment to nurturing talented students and promoting their academic growth.

Courses Offered

AIC offers three undergraduate degree programs in the field of management:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): This course provides students with a broad understanding of management principles and practices. The program covers subjects such as accounting, economics, business law, marketing, human resource management, and organizational behavior. The BBA program aims to develop critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills in students, preparing them for leadership positions in various industries.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI): This course is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the banking and insurance industries. The program covers topics such as banking operations, financial management, risk management, insurance principles, and legal aspects of banking and insurance. Graduates of the BBA-BI program are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue careers in the banking and insurance sectors.
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM): This course is designed for students interested in the hospitality and tourism industry. The program covers subjects such as food production, housekeeping, front office management, travel and tourism management, and event management. The BHM program aims to develop students' skills in customer service, communication, and leadership, preparing them for management positions in the hospitality and tourism industry.

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