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Gunaraj Pathak Memorial Nursing Campus

Birgunj, Parsa

Estd. 2004




The Gunaraj Pathak Memorial Nursing Campus (GPMNC) is a revered institution nestled in the Maisthan Chowk, Gita Mandir Road, Parsa, Birgunj, Nepal. Established in 2004 AD (2064 BS), GPMNC pays tribute to Gunaraj Pathak, a renowned social activist. With a vision of nurturing skilled nurses to cater to the increasing demands both domestically and internationally, the campus has been a pioneer in providing affordable and quality nursing education to diverse societal sections.

GPMNC's Philosophy: Cultivating Competent and Compassionate Nurses

At the core of GPMNC's operations is the belief in creating adept nurses with technical proficiency, exemplary behavior, and service orientation. The campus is steadfast in its commitment to produce professionals capable of providing holistic care, intertwining the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of health.


The mission of GPMNC is to cultivate mid-level health personnel proficient in promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services. By delivering quality, standard, and comprehensive nursing care, the campus aspires to elevate the health status of humanity.

Aims and Objectives: 

GPMNC has clear aims and objectives that align with its educational vision:

  • Empowerment through Profession: Provide opportunities to Nepalese women to venture into the nursing profession and contribute to its development.
  • Increasing Care Coverage: Improve the nurse-patient ratio by producing knowledgeable, skillful, confident, and service-oriented nurses.
  • Creating Responsible Citizens: Cultivate self-reliant nursing personnel who are responsible citizens and contribute positively to society.
  • Holistic Personality Development: Facilitate comprehensive personality development, empowering students to become responsible individuals.
  • Guidance and Success: Offer personal counseling and prepare students for success in all life aspects.
  • Innovative Learning: Replace traditional teaching methods with innovative learning approaches for comprehensive student development.
  • Fulfilling Health Sector Needs: Produce skillful nurses to meet the nation's demands in the preventive, curative, promotive, and rehabilitative health sectors.

Through these objectives, the Gunaraj Pathak Memorial Nursing Campus ensures its graduates are not only prepared to meet the demands of the nursing profession but also to excel as compassionate, service-oriented individuals. It continues to uphold its commitment to quality nursing education, paving the way for future healthcare improvements in Nepal and beyond.

Gunaraj Pathak Nursing Campus

  • Address: Maisthan Chowk, Gita Mandir Road Parsa, Birgunj
  • Phone: +977-9811850477, 051-552777



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