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Gupteshwor Multiple Campus, established in 1991 in Shivalaya, Kushma, Parbat district, Nepal, is a distinguished community-based educational institution. Founded from the collective vision of Shivalaya residents and neighboring villages, it offers an array of programs including Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), and Bachelor of Education (BEd), as well as 10+2 courses in Education, Humanities, and Management. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University and the National Examinations Board (NEB), and supported by the University Grant Commission Nepal, the campus spans 27 ropanis and comprises four well-equipped buildings. These facilities cater to various academic and administrative needs, housing classrooms, offices, a library, and examination centers. Gupteshwor Multiple Campus stands as a beacon of higher education in Nepal, deeply rooted in its community and committed to providing quality education.

Academic Programs and Affiliations

  • Undergraduate Studies: The campus offers enriching Bachelor's Degree programs in Arts (BA), Business Studies (BBS), and Education (BEd).
  • Intermediate Programs: For those seeking intermediate education, the campus provides 10+2 courses in Education, Humanities, and Management.

These programs are in partnership with Tribhuvan University and the National Examinations Board (NEB), ensuring students receive quality, recognized education. The University Grant Commission Nepal further bolsters the campus, providing essential support.

Campus Infrastructure and Resources

  • Expansive Campus: Spread across 27 ropanis (a local land measurement unit), the campus is a testament to local government support and community engagement.
  • Facilities: The educational activities are housed in four buildings, encompassing 36 rooms. These spaces are multifunctional, hosting classes, administrative offices, accounts, a library, and examination centers.

Current Academic Focus

  • Active Programs: The campus currently offers Bachelor Level Programs in Arts, Commerce, and Education, catering to a diverse student body with varied academic interests.

Gupteshwor Multiple Campus is more than just an educational institution; it's a vibrant community hub that fosters learning, growth, and development in the heart of Nepal. With its comprehensive programs and supportive infrastructure, it is an excellent choice for students in the region seeking quality higher education.

Courses Offered:

Gupteshwor Multiple Campus offers a versatile range of programs catering to diverse academic interests. The curriculum includes Bachelor degrees in Arts, Business Studies, and Education, each tailored to provide specialized knowledge and skills in their respective fields. Additionally, the campus presents foundational 10+2 courses in Education, Humanities, and Management, preparing students for advanced studies or diverse career paths. These programs, set in a supportive and resource-rich environment, provide students with a comprehensive educational experience, blending theoretical knowledge with practical insights.

1. Bachelor of Arts (BA): This program offers a diverse curriculum in the liberal arts, covering subjects like literature, history, and sociology. It's designed for students seeking a well-rounded education in humanities.

2. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS): Focused on commerce and business administration, this course equips students with essential skills in management, accounting, and economics, preparing them for the business world.

3. Bachelor of Education (BEd): Tailored for aspiring educators, this program delves into teaching methodologies, educational psychology, and curriculum development, essential for a career in teaching.

4. 10+2 in Education: A foundational course for those interested in the education sector, offering a comprehensive introduction to teaching principles and educational practices.

5. 10+2 in Humanities: This course explores various aspects of human culture, including languages, philosophy, and arts, providing a broad perspective on humanistic studies.

6. 10+2 in Management: A preparatory course for business and management studies, it lays the groundwork in organizational skills, basic economics, and business principles.


  • Tribhuvan University (TU)
  • National Examinations Board (NEB)

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