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Kathmandu Forestry College (KAFCOL) is an esteemed academic institution situated in Koteshwor, Kathmandu. Established in 2005, KAFCOL has experienced remarkable growth and is now recognized as a vibrant center for education and research in the field of forestry and natural resources management. The college operates as a public company and offers various degree programs in collaboration with renowned affiliations.

Programs and Collaborations

KAFCOL has been affiliated with Tribhuvan University, Nepal since its inception, offering a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Forestry program. Additionally, the college provides a Diploma in Forestry program in affiliation with the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Government of Nepal. In 2012, KAFCOL initiated a partnership with the University of Salzburg, Austria, to jointly administer the MSc in UNIGIS Program in Geographical Information Science and Systems (UNIGIS MSc). Furthermore, in 2015, the college introduced the M.Sc. Program in Natural Resources Management and Rural Development (MSc in NRM-RD) in affiliation with Tribhuvan University.

Research and Outreach Initiatives

KAFCOL actively engages in research and outreach projects centered around biodiversity, forestry, and natural resources management. These initiatives serve to address the critical challenges faced in sustainable development. As a collaborative effort, the college was jointly established by the Nepal Agroforestry Foundation, a national NGO dedicated to promoting agroforestry, and a group of forestry and natural resource management professionals.


KAFCOL's vision is to become a recognized Center of Excellence in Education and Research pertaining to Forestry and Natural Resources Management. This aspiration reflects the college's commitment to providing outstanding academic programs and conducting impactful research in the field.


The mission of KAFCOL is to produce highly qualified and competent human resources while actively contributing to society through education, research, training, and outreach. With a focus on multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary fields, particularly forestry and natural resources management, KAFCOL aims to address the ever-increasing challenges of sustainable development in Nepal and beyond.


KAFCOL upholds a set of core values that guide its operations and interactions within the academic community and society at large. These values include:

  • No discrimination based on belief, religion, caste-ethnicity, nationality, or gender.
  • Respect for inclusiveness and the plurality of views, fostering socio-cultural diversity in the pursuit of quality education.
  • Valuing and promoting merit and competence while respecting inclusion and diversity.
  • Responsiveness to global and local changes, adapting to emerging trends and challenges.
  • A strong commitment to environmental issues and social responsibility.
  • Maintaining an apolitical knowledge center that prioritizes the pursuit of unbiased knowledge.
  • Placing people first, including students, faculty, staff, promoters, and the community, and prioritizing their well-being.


KAFCOL is driven by several key objectives that guide its endeavors:

  • Producing competent human resources in the fields of forestry, natural resources management, GI Science, and other relevant disciplines through high-quality education and research.
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and outreach to generate new knowledge, skills, technologies, and best practices in alignment with teaching efforts.
  • Establishing strong networks and collaborations with relevant institutions to enhance academic excellence, provide policy feedback, and increase visibility.
  • Continuously developing and strengthening the college's institutional capacity to ensure sustainable growth and continued contribution to the field of forestry and natural resources management.

With its unwavering commitment to education, research, and community engagement, KAFCOL is poised to shape the future of forestry and natural resources management in Nepal and beyond.

Additional Services Offered by KAFCOL

In addition to its academic programs and research initiatives, KAFCOL provides various supplementary services to cater to the needs of the community and contribute to the advancement of forestry and natural resources management. These services include:

1. Seminars and Talk Programs: KAFCOL organizes occasional seminars and talk programs featuring national and international experts who have excelled in their respective fields, providing valuable insights and knowledge relevant to the college and its students.

2. Training and Consultancy Services: The college offers comprehensive training and consultancy services on a diverse range of subjects. These services are designed to address the emerging challenges and opportunities in forestry, natural resources management, and related fields. Some of the areas covered by KAFCOL's training and consultancy services include:

  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Land use and land cover changes
  • Participatory Action Research and Social Transformation
  • GIS, GPS, and remote sensing applications in forestry and natural resources management
  • Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) Enterprise and Value Chain Development
  • Livelihood Improvement and Local Capacity Building
  • Access and Benefit Sharing from Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge
  • Livelihood Enhancement through Agroforestry Promotion
  • Participatory Non-Timber Forest Resource Assessment
  • Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation Strategies
  • Gender and Social Inclusion in natural resources management
  • Preparation of Community Forestry Operational Plans for addressing second and third-generation issues
  • Alternative Energy and Bio-diesel Production

By offering these training and consultancy services, KAFCOL aims to empower individuals, organizations, and communities with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage and utilize forest resources while promoting sustainable development.

Through its holistic approach to education, research, and outreach, KAFCOL continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of forestry, natural resources management, and related fields in Nepal and beyond.

Programs Offered by KAFCOL

KAFCOL offers a range of programs designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of forestry and natural resources management. These programs are offered in affiliation with esteemed institutions and are tailored to meet the evolving needs of the industry. The programs offered by KAFCOL include:

1. BSc Forestry

  • Affiliation: Tribhuvan University
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Available Seats: 50
  • Description: The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Forestry program provides students with a solid foundation in forestry, covering subjects such as forest ecology, silviculture, forest management, wildlife conservation, and environmental sciences. The program equips students with the necessary skills to contribute to sustainable forest management and conservation efforts.

2. MSc in Natural Resource Management and Rural Development

  • Affiliation: Tribhuvan University
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Available Seats: 20
  • Description: The Master of Science (MSc) in Natural Resource Management and Rural Development program focuses on equipping students with advanced knowledge and skills in managing natural resources, sustainable development, and rural livelihoods. The program combines theoretical and practical approaches to address the complex challenges faced in resource management and rural development.

3. MSc in Geographical Information Science and Systems

  • Affiliation: Salzburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Available Seats: 25
  • Description: The Master of Science (MSc) in Geographical Information Science and Systems program, offered in collaboration with Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, explores the applications of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing in various fields, including forestry and natural resources management. The program equips students with the technical skills and knowledge needed to analyze spatial data and make informed decisions in geospatial analysis.

4. Diploma in Forestry

  • Affiliation: Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Available Seats: 40
  • Description: The Diploma in Forestry program focuses on providing students with practical skills and knowledge in forestry. It covers subjects such as forest management, forest inventory, tree nursery management, and forest protection. The program prepares students for entry-level positions in forestry and related fields.

These programs offered by KAFCOL provide students with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary education in forestry and natural resources management. With a focus on theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and experiential learning, KAFCOL aims to produce competent professionals who can contribute to the sustainable management of forests and natural resources.

Scholarship Information:

KAFCOL recognizes the importance of providing scholarship opportunities to deserving and talented students. Here are the scholarship options available for both the Bachelor's and Diploma programs:

Bachelor's Degree Program:

  1. Ministry of Education Scholarship: KAFCOL administers scholarships sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Nepal. These scholarships are awarded to five eligible students.
  2. Academic Excellence Scholarship: KAFCOL grants a 50% tuition fee waiver to students who rank first in every semester of the Bachelor's degree program.
  3. Women Topper Scholarship: The top-ranking female student in each semester receives a 50% tuition fee waiver.
  4. Disadvantaged Group and Ethnic Group Scholarship: A 50% tuition fee waiver is granted to the top-ranking student from the disadvantaged group and ethnic group in every semester.

Diploma Program:

  1. Academic Excellence Scholarship: A full scholarship is granted to the student who ranks first in the annual examination of the Diploma program.
  2. CTEVT Scholarship: Based on the Guideline for Scholarship and Admission-2071, CTEVT, KAFCOL provides full scholarships to three deserving students in the Diploma program.

External Scholarships: KAFCOL students also have opportunities to apply for scholarships provided by national and international institutions. These scholarships can support students pursuing both the Diploma and Bachelor's degree programs. Students are encouraged to explore available scholarships and apply for them accordingly.

Please note that scholarship availability and criteria may vary. It is recommended to contact the administration office of Kathmandu Forestry College (KAFCOL) for detailed and up-to-date information on scholarship opportunities for both the Masters, Bachelors and Diploma programs.

Contact Details:

Kathmandu Forestry College

Koteshwar, Kathmandu

Phone: 01-5147211, 9841286201, 9841504771



  • Tribhuvan University (TU)
  • Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

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