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Situated in Basundhara, Kathmandu, the Kathmandu Nursing Campus (KNC) is a prestigious institution providing high-quality nursing education to aspiring healthcare professionals. Affiliated with CTEVT, KNC offers a comprehensive PCL Nursing (Staff Nurse) program crafted to cater to the unique healthcare requirements of Nepal's healthcare system.

Training the Healthcare Leaders of Tomorrow

The curriculum of the KNC's PCL Nursing program is designed meticulously to imbue the students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to excel as nursing professionals. This program spans over three years, each year focusing on different aspects of healthcare:

  1. Year One: Emphasizes foundational nursing practices and basic nursing care in hospital and community settings.

  2. Year Two: Delves into preventive, promotive, and therapeutic nursing care of the sick adult and elderly individual, as well as the mentally ill individuals.

  3. Year Three: Comprises pediatric, midwifery and gynecology modules, coupled with leadership and management training.

The end goal of this program is to prepare independent and competent middle-level nursing professionals. These professionals are equipped to offer preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and holistic care to individuals and groups in both hospital and community environments.

Mission: Addressing National and Rural Healthcare Needs

KNC is committed to tackling the national, and specifically rural, challenges related to the need for skilled human resources in the healthcare sector. The campus achieves this through a robust human resource development program.

Vision: High-Quality Health Education for All

KNC's vision revolves around delivering unparalleled health education. The institution aims to cater to the needs of individuals, academic institutions, health institutions, and the nation at large by promoting widespread participation.

Goals and Objectives: Shaping the Future of Healthcare

The objectives of KNC extend to multiple facets of healthcare education and practice:

Meeting Nursing Manpower Needs: Aiming to meet the ever-growing demand for skilled nursing manpower in the country.

Motivating the Youth: Encouraging young individuals to pursue skilled jobs in the healthcare sector.

Enhancing Accessibility: Striving to make nursing education accessible to everyone.

Creating Job Opportunities: Fostering job opportunities in the field of nursing.

Promoting Knowledge-based Care: Encouraging the use of a solid knowledge base to provide care to well and sick individuals, families, and communities.

Implementing Preventive and Therapeutic Measures: Prioritizing preventive and therapeutic measures to promote, maintain, and restore health.

Effective Communication: Promoting the use of effective communication skills in various settings.

Leadership in Healthcare: Fostering leadership roles to plan and improve healthcare services.

Guiding and Supervising: Guiding and supervising individuals, families, and groups, including healthcare workers.

Collaborative Work: Collaborating with multi-sectorial groups to promote a healthy environment.

Community Mobilization: Mobilizing community people to participate in village health post activities.

Respect for Cultural Values: Demonstrating respect for cultural values and health practices.

Continuous Learning: Encouraging continuous personal and professional growth through new knowledge and skills acquisition.

In essence, the Kathmandu Nursing Campus is an eminent institution committed to providing high-quality healthcare education, addressing healthcare challenges, and shaping the future leaders of the healthcare sector.



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