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Khwopa College of Engineering: Community-Based Institution for Affordable Engineering Education

Establishment and Location Khwopa College of Engineering (KhCE) was established in 2008 AD, undertaken by Bhaktapur Municipality, and is located at the culturally rich city of Bhaktapur in Nepal.

Affordable Education and Blend of Technologies The community-based engineering college is the right destination for aspiring professional engineers who are looking for affordable fees. With a distant vision of maintaining Bhaktapur's glory, the college aims to produce highly skilled engineers with a blend of both indigenous and modern-day technologies.

Prime Importance for Country's Development The college is aiming to provide quality education in engineering fields that are of prime importance for the development of the country.


  • Provide engineering education to people from economically common strata of society.
  • Conserve and improve indigenous knowledge, traditional technologies, and materials.
  • Conduct research works on engineering, including traditional architecture, archeological structures, and indigenous know-how.
  • Produce competitive and efficient Engineers.
  • Encourage graduates to join national institutions and serve the nation.

Remarkable Achievements and Collaborative Environment The college administration, management, and faculty are putting their best effort to achieve the objectives and goals. The spirit of working together in a closely knit atmosphere has shown remarkable achievements in the past days.

Services and Facilities Offered

The Khwopa College of Engineering (KhCE) is not only committed to providing affordable and quality engineering education but also offers various facilities and services for the students' overall growth and development.

Laboratories: KhCE provides well-equipped laboratories that cater to the practical requirements of the students. The laboratories are designed to provide hands-on experience to the students on various engineering principles and technologies.

Library: The college library is stocked with a sufficient number of course books and reference books, covering various disciplines of engineering. The library is an excellent resource for students who want to enhance their knowledge and research skills.

Multipurpose Hall: KhCE has two multipurpose halls, namely Hall 3 and Hall 4, which are used for various activities such as seminars, workshops, and cultural events. These halls are spacious and well-equipped with modern audio-visual facilities, making them ideal for conducting various programs.

Sports: KhCE promotes a healthy lifestyle among students and offers various sports facilities such as table tennis, chess, basketball, futsal, etc. The sports facilities provide an excellent platform for students to showcase their talents and develop their physical and mental abilities.

Cafeteria: The college has two cafeterias, Block F, and Block G, which offer hygienic and nutritious food to students, faculty, and staff at an affordable price. The cafeteria is a hub for students to socialize and relax during their break time.

Transportation: KhCE provides transportation services for students and faculty members within the Kathmandu Valley. The transportation facility ensures that students reach the college on time and have a hassle-free commute.

Admission Requirements and Quota System

Khwopa College of Engineering (KhCE) follows specific admission requirements and quota systems for the selection of students. The following are the details of the admission process and quota system for KhCE:

Admission Requirements To be eligible for admission at KhCE, students must pass the entrance examination conducted by the Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuvan University. Additionally, they must have completed I.Sc. or +2 (Science) or Diploma in Engineering (3 Years) or equivalent, with a minimum of 45% full marks. Students who meet these criteria can fill the online application form to apply for admission.

Merit List and Quota System The college management prepares the merit list of applicants based on their ranks in the IOE entrance examination. The merit list is then used to allocate seats based on the quota system. KhCE has allocated quotas for different categories, including Bhaktapur Municipality, Bhaktapur District, Remote Area, and General categories.

The allocated quota system is as follows:

  • Bhaktapur Municipality: 25%
  • Bhaktapur District: 20%
  • Remote Area: 5%
  • General: 50%

It is important to note that the students applying under different categories must provide the necessary documentation to support their claims. The admissions team at KhCE carefully verifies all the information provided by the applicants to ensure transparency in the admission process.

Scholarship Information:

Scholarships at Khwopa College of Engineering are offered to deserving students who excel in their academics and demonstrate financial need. The college provides full scholarships to the top-ranked student in each program who secures the highest rank in the entrance examination and has scored at least 75% in I.Sc. or +2 (Science) or Diploma in Engineering.

Apart from the above, the college also offers scholarships to students who are economically needy, diligent and disciplined. The scholarships are provided in the form of fee waivers and cover up to 100%, 50%, and 25% of the tuition fee. The selection of students for these scholarships is based on their performance in the semester exams. The scholarship recipients are required to maintain a certain level of academic performance and abide by the college's rules and regulations.

The scholarships provided by Khwopa College of Engineering offer a great opportunity for deserving students to pursue their education without any financial burden. The college administration encourages students to take advantage of these opportunities and work hard towards achieving their academic and career goals.

Courses Offered:

Khwopa College of Engineering offers undergraduate courses in three different engineering disciplines: Civil, Electrical, and Computer Engineering.

BE Civil Engineering: This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of civil engineering. The curriculum covers topics like structural analysis and design, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, and environmental engineering. Students will also be exposed to the latest tools and technologies used in the field of civil engineering.

BE Electrical Engineering: This course is aimed at providing students with a strong foundation in the field of electrical engineering. The curriculum includes subjects like circuit analysis, digital electronics, power systems, control systems, communication systems, and signal processing. Students will also gain hands-on experience with the latest software tools and hardware technologies used in electrical engineering.

BE Computer Engineering: This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of computer engineering. The curriculum covers subjects like programming, data structures and algorithms, computer networks, database systems, software engineering, and computer graphics. Students will also be exposed to the latest trends and developments in the field of computer engineering, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.


  • Tribhuvan University (TU)

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