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Nepal College of Information Technology, or NCIT, is an eminent private institution, set up in 2001. It has built a robust reputation in delivering excellence in education through its variety of Pokhara University-affiliated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, which include BE, BBA, BCA, ME, MSc, and MCIS. The institution's engineering degrees have garnered approval from the Nepal Engineering Council, and since its foundation, NCIT has successfully created more than a thousand competent engineers.

A Beacon of Excellence in Engineering Education

Over the years, NCIT has been a beacon of superior education in Nepal, particularly within the realm of engineering. It stands out for its exceptional teaching and research methods. The institution has forged a strong alliance with diverse sectors, ensuring its offerings remain relevant and beneficial for all stakeholders. It has been steadfast in creating an enriching higher education environment, nourishing individual skills and applying knowledge that echoes current societal transitions and economic developments.

NCIT's unwavering commitment to deliver quality education extends to various engineering disciplines. It meticulously tailors its curriculum to mirror the evolving professional landscape. The faculty at NCIT, equipped with high qualifications and extensive experience, devote themselves entirely to educating and inspiring the learners.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure and Training Programs

NCIT has set a benchmark with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, encouraging academic excellence. Furthermore, it offers critical non-credit initiatives, like research and project work, complementing regular courses to cater to the diverse learning requirements of students and enhance their employability.

Additionally, NCIT is an authorized training partner of world-renowned institutions like CISCO, Red Hat, and Microsoft. It offers related training and conducts preparatory examinations, providing students an opportunity to earn internationally recognized certifications. NCIT has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the Microsoft Innovation Center and numerous esteemed multinational and local companies, enabling its students to secure internships and partake in training programs.

NCIT: Fostering Future Leaders

NCIT aspires to play a transformative role beyond the academic periphery. It believes in guiding the aspirations and future success of its students as a means to contribute to nation-building. This unique blend of academic brilliance and real-world exposure positions NCIT as the ideal choice for those seeking to unlock their potential and drive their career growth.

Why Choose NCIT? - Salient Features

When it comes to shaping your future in engineering and management, Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) stands as the prime choice. It offers a unique blend of academic excellence, real-world exposure, and an unrivaled commitment to student development. Here are the salient features that make NCIT a leader in the field of engineering and management education.

1. Producing Qualified and Competent Leaders

The overarching goal of NCIT is to empower its students by transforming them into highly qualified, skilled, and competent professionals. More than just an educational institution, NCIT nurtures leadership qualities within its students, setting them up for successful careers in their respective fields.

2. Real-world Readiness

NCIT doesn't just focus on providing theoretical knowledge. It ensures that its students are primed to assume professional responsibilities as soon as they graduate. This is achieved through its robust curriculum and extensive practical training programs. As a result, NCIT graduates are fully equipped to plunge into their professional journeys immediately after their graduation, making them preferred candidates for employers in various engineering and management sectors.

3. The NCIT Advantage: Creating Future-ready Professionals

With a deep-rooted commitment to produce highly skilled individuals, NCIT prepares its students not just for the present, but for the future as well. NCIT graduates are recognized for their skills, competence, and readiness to tackle real-world challenges. This, coupled with the prestigious qualifications obtained from NCIT, makes its graduates stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market.

Choosing NCIT for your educational journey means opting for a pathway to success, opening doors to a future filled with opportunities and professional growth. Experience the NCIT advantage and let it be your stepping stone to a successful career in engineering and management.

Extracurricular Activities at NCIT

At the Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT), learning transcends beyond the traditional boundaries of classroom instruction. The institution firmly believes in fostering a holistic development environment for its students. This belief is reflected in the range of extracurricular activities that NCIT offers.

1. Hands-on Learning through Projects and Software Development

NCIT encourages its students to participate in project preparation and software development activities. These provide practical insights and a hands-on approach to learning. Such activities serve as a foundation for students to implement theoretical knowledge, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

2. Nurturing Intellectual Growth through Technical Writing and Presentations

Students at NCIT are motivated to engage in technical paper writing and presentations. This platform not only enhances their technical knowledge but also hones their writing, public speaking, and presentation skills. It encourages intellectual discourse and helps students build their confidence, preparing them for their future careers.

3. Industry Engagement and Quiz Contests

NCIT promotes industrial attachments and quiz contests. Industry engagements provide an opportunity to witness real-world applications of academic concepts and foster industry-academia collaboration. Quiz contests, on the other hand, stimulate intellectual curiosity and competitive spirit among students, enriching their learning experience.

4. Professional Training and Seminars

As the official certified training partner of CISCO and Red Hat, NCIT offers professional training courses like Operating System Design and Embedded System Design. It also organizes various management and technology-related training sessions, conferences, and seminars. These provide students with advanced knowledge and exposure to the latest industry trends, assisting them in their future careers.

By offering a spectrum of extracurricular activities, NCIT ensures that its students are not only academically competent but also ready to face the dynamic professional world with confidence. Experience the comprehensive educational journey at NCIT, and sculpt a prosperous career in the fields of engineering and management.

NCIT Admission Guidelines:

Embarking on your academic journey at Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) is a decision that will shape your future. To ensure a smooth admission process, here are the guidelines that interested applicants should follow.

1. Admission Timeframes

NCIT typically opens its admission process during the Fall and Spring semesters for its Bachelor of Engineering (BE) program.

2. Eligibility Criteria

Aspiring BE students must have at least a second division in their +2 or equivalent examination. Students from the Biology group, even without extra maths, are welcome to apply, broadening the scope of prospective students.

3. Application Process

NCIT entrance exam application forms are available for prospective BE students. Applicants are required to fill in these forms accurately, providing all necessary supporting documents and photographs by the specified deadline.

4. Entrance Examination

All BE applicants are required to pass an entrance exam as part of Pokhara University's competitive student selection policy. The questions in this exam will cover relevant subject areas. NCIT provides sample test papers along with application forms to help students prepare for the examination.

5. Admission Offers

Successful applicants will receive an offer letter for admission. They are then required to submit their acceptance, along with the necessary original certificates or testimonials, within a defined period.

6. Enrollment and Fee Payment

Upon receipt of the acceptance letter, NCIT confirms the admission, which becomes effective once the fees have been paid.

7. Class Timings

  • Bachelor Programs: Classes are held during the Morning and Day.
  • Master Programs: Classes are scheduled in the Evening (5:30 PM- 9:00 PM). Note that during Kartik 15 - Magh 15, the timings shift to 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM.

Embarking on your educational journey at NCIT involves a fair and thorough process, designed to ensure only the most dedicated students secure a place. As an NCIT student, you'll be on the path to a prosperous future in engineering and management.

Scholarship Opportunities at NCIT

Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) firmly believes in recognizing and nurturing talent. To this end, it provides a range of scholarships to deserving students. These scholarships are designed to offer financial assistance, encouraging students to focus on their academic pursuits.

1. Pokhara University Scholarships

In alignment with Pokhara University (PU) guidelines, NCIT provides scholarships to deserving students. This initiative sees 10% of the annual student intake benefiting from financial support, making quality education more accessible.

2. NCIT Scholarships

NCIT offers its own scholarships based on a combined evaluation of a student's +2 or equivalent marks and their score in the NCIT Entrance Test. This encourages students to perform well both in their past academic records and the college-specific admission process.

3. Performance Scholarships

NCIT values and rewards academic excellence. It offers full scholarships, providing a waiver for semester fees, to students who achieve an SGPA of 4 in any semester. This scholarship applies to their subsequent semester, motivating students to maintain high academic standards throughout their course.

4. Awards for Class Toppers

To further incentivize academic excellence, NCIT provides awards to students who stand out as class toppers or secure the second-highest marks. This recognition not only provides financial assistance but also boosts students' morale, inspiring them to keep excelling in their academic journey.

With these scholarship opportunities, NCIT empowers students to pursue their academic goals without financial constraints. It's a testament to NCIT's commitment to making quality education accessible to all deserving students, setting them on the path to a prosperous future.

Programs Offered at NCIT

Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT), affiliated with Pokhara University, offers a diverse range of programs in the field of Business Administration, Engineering, and Computer Applications. Explore the comprehensive programs offered and the number of seats available for each:

1. Bachelor's Programs

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): A dynamic program equipping students with managerial skills and business acumen. Total Seats: 48

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering: A robust program focusing on the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. Total Seats: 96

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE IT): A program designed to equip students with a broad technical understanding of current and evolving technologies. Total Seats: 96

  • Bachelor of Software Engineering: A program tailored to develop students' skills in design, development, and maintenance of software systems. Total Seats: 96

  • Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering (BE): A program that provides comprehensive knowledge of digital electronics and embedded systems, along with the essentials of communication engineering. Total Seats: 48

  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE Computer): A program designed to provide students with strong foundational and advanced knowledge in the field of computer technology and its applications. Total Seats: 96

  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA): A program tailored to deliver comprehensive knowledge on computer applications and software development. Total Seats: 48

2. Master's Programs

  • Master of Computer Information Systems (MCIS): A program aiming to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of computer information systems. Total Seats: 30

  • Master of Computer Engineering: A program designed to offer an advanced understanding of computer engineering concepts, preparing students for various roles in the tech industry. Total Seats: 30

  • MSc in Computer Science: A program aimed at offering an in-depth understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. Total Seats: 30

By offering a wide variety of programs, NCIT ensures it caters to the diverse academic interests of its students, helping them steer their careers in the direction they desire. Choose NCIT and embark on a journey to fulfill your academic aspirations.


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