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Patan College for Professional Studies (PCPS), established in 2017, is a prominent educational institution in Kupondole, Lalitpur. It operates under the umbrella of the Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF) Group of Institutions, a pioneer in the Nepalese education sector since 1998. LBEF holds the distinction of launching the first IT College in Nepal.

  • History and Achievements

    • Founded in 2017 as part of the LBEF Group.
    • LBEF Group established in 1998, with over 7000 graduates.
    • Alumni have pursued successful careers in banking, IT, entrepreneurship, and leadership.
  • Educational Partnerships and Offerings

    • Collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire, UK, for globally accredited degrees.
    • Offers Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons), BSc (Hons) in Computer Science & Software Engineering, and BA (Hons) Business Administration.
    • Courses recognized by Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
    • Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Nepal Government.
  • International Recognition

    • The University of Bedfordshire boasts over a century of educational excellence.
    • Recognized in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, placing in the 601 to 800 category globally.
  • A-Level Program

    • A-Level program offered through Lumbini International College, managed by PCPS.

Commitment to Quality Education

PCPS's commitment to providing quality education is evident in its rigorous selection of international partners, like the University of Bedfordshire, ensuring students in Nepal have access to world-class education. Its comprehensive course offerings in business and technology meet the demands of the modern workforce, preparing students for successful careers in various industries.

Strategic Location and Legacy

Located strategically in Lalitpur, PCPS benefits from its association with LBEF, a leader in Nepal's educational landscape. This legacy of excellence is a testament to the institution's dedication to nurturing the next generation of professionals and leaders.

Salient Features

PCPS offers an environment that blends academic excellence with state-of-the-art facilities. From advanced technology labs to comfortable learning spaces and sports facilities, PCPS is dedicated to providing a holistic educational experience to its students.

Comprehensive Library Facilities

  • Houses over 1000 international books.
  • Unlimited access to international online libraries and journals.
  • Digital and physical resources tailored for academic research.

State-of-the-Art Sports Facilities

  • Full court basketball area.
  • Emphasizes the balance between sports and academics.

Advanced Technology Infrastructure

  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi with 50MBPS internet connectivity.
  • Two fully-equipped computer labs with industry-relevant technology.
  • Dedicated areas for mobile application development.

Comfortable and Convenient Accommodations

  • Hostel facilities designed to provide a homely atmosphere.

Innovative Incubation Center

  • Collaboration with leading IT companies.
  • Real-life project experience within the college premises.

Effective Presentation and Learning Spaces

  • A dedicated presentation room for practice and rehearsals.
  • Student Learning Hub with a relaxed environment for leisure activities.
  • Comfortable bean bags for relaxed studying, music listening, dancing, and gaming.

Spacious and Interactive Classrooms

  • Airy, well-lit rooms accommodating 30 students.
  • Internet connectivity and facilities for power-point presentations.

Focused Tutorial and Project Rooms

  • Smaller tutorial rooms for personalized student-teacher interaction.
  • Project rooms equipped for group project planning and execution.

Expansive Academic Complex

  • Spread over 10952 square feet, including the college building, basketball court, and parking.
  • State-of-the-art facilities for a premium educational experience.

Library: A Hub of Knowledge

  • Situated on the fifth level with sections for borrowing, reference, and digital resources.
  • Ample space for studying within the library.

Audio-Visual and GD Rooms

  • Audio-visual room with recording and playback facilities for presentation practice.
  • Group discussion rooms on each floor for collaborative work, near faculty rooms for easy access to guidance.

Scholarship Information

Patan College for Professional Studies provides a range of scholarships to support and encourage students who exhibit academic prowess. These scholarships are a testament to the college's commitment to making quality education accessible and rewarding academic excellence.

Financial Assistance for Deserving Students

  • Scholarships for academically proficient but financially challenged students.
  • Covers 10% of annual student intake, as per government directives.
  • Scholarships apply to tuition fees.

How to Apply

  • Fill out and submit an application form for scholarships and funding.
  • Applications are processed through the college's Administrative office.

Gyandeep Scholarship: Empowering Academic Excellence

  • Awarded based on High-School Board exam or equivalent exam scores.
  • Applicable to the first 30 students only.
  • Valid for one academic year.

Scholarship Distribution:

  1. Foundation Year (Year 3)

    • 60%-69% in 10+2 or equivalent: 20% off 1st Year tuition fees.
    • 70%-79% in 10+2 or equivalent: 30% off 1st Year tuition fees.
    • 80%-89% in 10+2 or equivalent: 40% off 1st Year tuition fees.
    • Over 90% in 10+2 or equivalent: 75% off 1st Year tuition fees.
    • Note: Not applicable for direct university program entrants.
  2. Level 4

    • 60%-69% in 10+2 or equivalent: 15,000 off 2nd Semester fees.
    • 70%-79% in 10+2 or equivalent: 25,000 off 2nd Semester fees.
    • 80% and above in 10+2 or equivalent: 35,000 off 2nd Semester fees.
    • Note: Applicable for direct entry into the university program.

Merit Scholarship:

  • Based on performance in the Common Entrance Examination, internal evaluations, and End Semester exams of the University.
  • Scholarship percentages are granted as per the score achieved.

Merit Scholarship Scale:

  1. 95% or above: 50% scholarship.
  2. 91% - 94%: 40% scholarship.
  3. 86% - 90%: 30% scholarship.
  4. 81% - 85%: 25% scholarship.
  5. 76% - 80%: 20% scholarship.
  6. 71% - 75%: 10% scholarship.

Additional Information

  • Scholarships are exclusively for tuition fees.
  • Does not cover University Registration, Exam fees, and other fees.

Courses and Programs Offered

PCPS, in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire, offers a range of undergraduate programs designed to provide students with comprehensive education and skills. These programs cater to different areas of business administration and computer science.

1. Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) (BBA)

  • A comprehensive program focused on the principles of business management.
  • Prepares students for various roles in the business sector.
  • Covers key aspects like marketing, finance, human resource management, and strategic planning.

2. BSc (Hons) in Computer Science & Software Engineering

  • Designed for students interested in the IT sector.
  • Focuses on software development, system design, and computer science fundamentals.
  • Equips students with practical skills in programming, software engineering, and system analysis.

3. BSc (Computer Science & Software Engineering) Foundation (BSc (CS & SE) Foundation)

  • An introductory program aimed at providing foundational knowledge.
  • Ideal for students who are beginning their journey in computer science.
  • Covers basic concepts and prepares students for advanced studies in computer science and software engineering.

4. BSc (Computer Science & Software Engineering) Top-Up (BSc (CS & SE) Top-Up)

  • Tailored for students who have already completed foundational courses in computer science.
  • Enables students to complete their BSc degree.
  • Focuses on advanced topics in computer science and practical applications in software engineering.

5. BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-Up) (BBA (Hons) Top-Up)

  • A program for students who have completed initial years of business studies.
  • Provides in-depth knowledge of business administration.
  • Covers advanced concepts in management, marketing, finance, and strategic decision-making.

6. BA (Hons) in Business Administration (Foundation) (BBA (Hons) Foundation)

  • An introductory course in business administration.
  • Ideal for students starting their academic journey in business studies.
  • Lays the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of business management and administration.

Application Procedure

Applying to Patan College for Professional Studies is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help applicants navigate through the admission procedure:

1. Filling Out the Admission Form

  • Complete the admission form with all required information.
  • Forms can be obtained from the Administrative office at the College or downloaded for online application.

2. Submission of the Admission Form

  • Submit the duly filled admission form to the Administrative office at the College.
  • Ensure that all fields in the form are correctly filled.

3. Scrutiny and Registration of the Application

  • After submission, the administrative staff will scrutinize and register the admission form.
  • It's crucial to provide accurate and complete information for successful registration.

4. Common Entrance Examination

  • Applicants must appear for a common entrance examination.
  • This step is critical for assessing the applicant's aptitude and suitability for the chosen program.

5. Shortlisting and Oral Interview

  • Applicants shortlisted from the entrance examination will undergo an oral interview.
  • The interview is conducted by a panel of examiners and is the final step in the selection process.

6. Document Verification

  • During the application process, students are required to produce original certificates and credentials for verification.
  • The documents needed include:
    • Attested photocopy of the School leaving Certificate, mark-sheet, and Character certificate.
    • Attested photocopy of Nationality certification, if applicable.

The admission process at Patan College for Professional Studies is designed to be thorough yet applicant-friendly. It ensures that all candidates are assessed fairly based on their academic abilities and potential. By following these steps and preparing the necessary documents, applicants can smoothly navigate through the application process.


  • University of Bedfordshire (UoB)

Infrastructure / Facilities

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  • Library
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  • WiFi-Campus
  • Transportation
  • Auditorium
  • Labs
    Science Lab
  • Conference
  • Multimedia
  • Parking
  • Online Journal
  • Placement
  • Counselling
  • Scholarship
  • Financing
  • E-library
  • Tour
  • CCTV
  • IT Infrastructure
    Computer Lab
  • Club
  • Conference Hall
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