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Gramin Adarsha Multiple Campus, Kathmandu

Master of Education (M.Ed.) General

Affiliated To: Tribhuvan University (TU)



Course Level

Master Degree


2 Years

Study Mode

Full Time




UGC Approved


Overview of the Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program at Gramin Adarsha Multiple Campus, Nepaltar, Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) program at Gramin Adarsha Multiple Campus (GAMC), affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal, is a robust and comprehensive course, ideal for those looking to make strides in the educational sector.

Course Overview

The M.Ed. program is tailored to impart advanced knowledge in education and leadership, emphasizing research, innovation, and application of theory to practice. It encourages students to become change-makers in education, promoting quality and equality in learning.

Course Outlines

The core components of the M.Ed. program encompass:

  • Advanced Educational Psychology: An in-depth exploration of how individuals learn at various life stages.
  • Educational Leadership and Management: Principles of effective leadership in educational settings.
  • Curriculum Development and Assessment: Creating, implementing, and evaluating educational programs.
  • Research Methods in Education: Techniques for conducting educational research.


The M.Ed. program spans two years of full-time study.


The M.Ed. program aims to:

  • Enhance understanding of advanced educational theories and practices.
  • Develop leadership and management skills for educational institutions.
  • Promote expertise in curriculum development and assessment.
  • Foster skills in educational research.


Candidates who have completed their Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) or equivalent degree are eligible to apply for the M.Ed. program.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the M.Ed. program, graduates will:

  • Possess a profound understanding of advanced educational principles and practices.
  • Have acquired leadership skills applicable to educational settings.
  • Be capable of designing, implementing, and assessing educational programs.
  • Be proficient in conducting educational research.

Scope and Career Prospects

Graduates of the M.Ed. program have the potential to pursue roles in educational leadership, curriculum development, higher education, and educational research.

Career Options

Potential career paths post the M.Ed. program include:

  • School Principal: Leading and managing a school.
  • Curriculum Designer: Creating and refining academic curricula.
  • University Lecturer: Teaching at higher education institutions.
  • Educational Researcher: Conducting research to improve educational practices.

Fee Structures

For detailed information on the fee structure, please contact the administration office at GAMC.

Why Choose this Course

Opting for the M.Ed. program at GAMC allows students to:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of advanced educational principles.
  • Develop leadership and management skills specific to educational institutions.
  • Engage with a diverse and inclusive academic community.
  • Open avenues for a rewarding career in the educational sector.


GAMC provides various scholarships for deserving and financially challenged students, ensuring educational opportunities for all.

The M.Ed. program at GAMC sets the foundation for a fulfilling career in education, empowering students with the necessary skills to make significant contributions to the field.

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