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Nepal Rastriya College, Kathmandu

MA in Sociology

Affiliated To: Tribhuvan University (TU)



Course Level

Master Degree


2 Years

Study Mode

Full Time


English / Nepali


UGC Accredited


Master of Arts in Sociology at Nepal Rastriya College, Nepaltar, Kathmandu

Are you intrigued by societal structures, relationships, and human behavior? Turn your interest into a fulfilling career with the Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology at Nepal Rastriya College, Nepaltar, Kathmandu. This comprehensive program is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and offers a deep dive into the complexities of society and human interaction.

Course Overview

The MA in Sociology program aims to provide advanced knowledge and training in sociological theory and research. Covering a wide array of topics from social institutions to cultural practices, the course prepares students to critically analyze and understand the social forces that shape our world.

Course Outline

The curriculum is designed to offer both breadth and depth in the field of Sociology. It is divided across four semesters:

  • Semester 1: Classical Sociological Theory, Research Methodology, Nepali Society and Culture
  • Semester 2: Modern Sociological Theory, Social Statistics, Social Psychology
  • Semester 3: Social Change and Development, Gender Studies, Elective Course
  • Semester 4: Dissertation/Project Work, Elective Courses


The MA in Sociology program lasts for two years, segmented into four semesters.


  • To impart advanced sociological theories and methodologies.
  • To prepare students for critical evaluation of social issues.
  • To promote research-oriented insights for social problem-solving.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should possess a Bachelor's degree in Sociology or a related field to be eligible for enrollment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Advanced understanding of sociological theories and their practical applications.
  • Enhanced research skills for studying social phenomena.
  • Capability to address and analyze social issues critically.

Scope and Fees Structure

  • Scope: Graduates find opportunities in research, NGOs, governmental agencies, and social work among other fields.
  • Fees: Detailed information on the fee structure can be obtained by contacting the administration office.

Career Prospects

With an MA in Sociology, you can expect roles such as:

  • Sociological Researcher
  • Social Analyst
  • Community Development Worker

Career Options

  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Academic and Research Institutions
  • Journalism and Media

Why Choose This Course?

Nepal Rastriya College's MA in Sociology offers more than just academic knowledge; it provides the practical skills and ethical grounding necessary for socially impactful work. The course is particularly beneficial for those looking to specialize in community development, policy analysis, and social research.

What After MA in Sociology?

After completing this program, you can either further your academic research with a Ph.D. or embark on a career in various sectors from policy planning to social services.


Both need-based and merit-based scholarships are available for deserving candidates. Contact our administration office for more details.


The Master of Arts in Sociology program at Nepal Rastriya College is a cornerstone for anyone aiming to make a meaningful impact on society. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University and armed with a curriculum that merges theoretical depth with practical insight, this program is your gateway to a fulfilling career in sociology.

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