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Ten Plus Two (+2) Humanities

Affiliated To: National Examinations Board (NEB)


+2 Humanities

Course Level



2 Years

Study Mode

Full Time




Ministry of Education


Overview of Ten Plus Two (+2) Humanities at Trinity International College

Course Overview

The Ten Plus Two (+2) Humanities program at Trinity International College, affiliated with the National Examination Board (NEB) of Nepal, offers a comprehensive education in the arts and humanities. This program is designed for students who are interested in exploring subjects related to culture, society, languages, and arts.

Course Outlines

  • The curriculum includes a diverse range of subjects such as Sociology, Psychology, Mass Communication, English Literature, and History.
  • Students can choose from various elective subjects to tailor their studies according to their interests.


  • The program spans over two years, covering Class 11 and Class 12.


  • To provide students with a broad understanding of various humanities and arts disciplines.
  • To develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deep appreciation of cultural and societal dynamics.
  • To prepare students for further studies in arts, humanities, and social sciences.


  • Students should have completed their SEE (Secondary Education Examination) or equivalent examination.

Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehensive knowledge in various humanities and social science subjects.
  • Enhanced critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Ability to understand and analyze societal and cultural issues.


  • The program serves as a foundation for higher education in fields such as sociology, psychology, journalism, literature, and other arts and humanities disciplines.

Fees Structure

  • Prospective students are advised to contact the administration office of Trinity International College for detailed information regarding the fee structure.

Career Prospects

  • Graduates of the +2 Humanities program can pursue diverse career paths in education, journalism, social work, public relations, and more.

Career Options

  • Journalist
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Cultural Researcher

Why Choose this Course

  • The +2 Humanities program at Trinity International College offers a well-rounded education in arts and humanities, fostering a deep understanding of human culture and society.
  • The course is ideal for students who wish to explore diverse fields and develop a multidimensional perspective on global issues.
  • It encourages analytical thinking and creativity, essential skills in various professional fields.


  • Trinity International College provides scholarships to students based on academic achievements and financial need, ensuring that education is accessible to all.

In summary, the Ten Plus Two (+2) Humanities program at Trinity International College is a comprehensive course that offers students an in-depth understanding of the arts, culture, and society. The program's diverse curriculum, coupled with its focus on developing critical and analytical skills, makes it an excellent choice for students interested in pursuing careers in the humanities and social sciences.

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