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6th National Conference and 8th AGM of Society of Agricultural Scientists (SAS-Nepal)

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Society of Agricultural Scientists SAS-Nepal

6th National Conference and 8th General Meeting of Society of Agricultural Scientists (SAS-Nepal) in Lalitpur

The Society of Agricultural Scientists Nepal (SAS-Nepal) is gearing up for its 6th National Conference and 8th General Meeting, scheduled to take place in Lalitpur on the 21st of Chaitra, 2080. This significant event, themed "Research System for Transformation in Agriculture," aims to bring together a diverse group of experts and enthusiasts in the field of agricultural research.

Event Highlights:

  • Venue: The conference will be hosted at the auditorium of the National Nature Conservation Fund, Khumaltar, Lalitpur.
  • Participants: Expected to draw around 500 attendees, including life members, ordinary members, honorary members, and distinguished personalities in agricultural research.
  • Objective: The conference aims to draft a specialized roadmap to bolster Nepal’s agricultural research system, thereby contributing to the country's economic development goals.

About SAS-Nepal:

Since its establishment in 1995, SAS-Nepal has played a pivotal role in advising the government on agricultural research policies, promoting the achievements of agricultural scientists, organizing international and national conferences, recognizing scientists' contributions through awards, and conducting training sessions. The organization also facilitates the sharing of experiences among agricultural scientists and engages in activities that debate and discuss the rights and interests of scientists.

Conference Agenda:

  • Policy Formation: A key focus of the conference will be on selecting new leadership for SAS-Nepal and developing policies and plans to advocate for the rights and interests of agricultural scientists.
  • Working Papers: The first session of the conference will feature the presentation and discussion of four working papers.
  • New Working Committee: The second session is dedicated to forming a new working committee to lead SAS-Nepal forward.

This conference represents a critical platform for fostering dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders in the agricultural sector. By addressing key challenges and opportunities in agricultural research, SAS-Nepal continues to contribute significantly to the advancement of agriculture in Nepal. Dr. Kalika Prasad Upadhyay, head of the National Agricultural Technology Information Center, underscores the conference's role in shaping the future of agricultural research and policy in Nepal, promising a milestone event for all involved.

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