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Basic ATS-007 Training from Civil Aviation Academy 2080

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Basic ATS-007 Training

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Civil Aviation Academy (CAA), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Notice of Call for Applications for Basic ATS-007 Training

The Basic Air Traffic Service Course, (CAAN ATS - 007) to be conducted by this institution in accordance with the consent of Shri Public Service Commission, through an open and inclusive competitive examination. In order to select 16 trainees, formal applications are invited from interested Nepali citizens who have reached the specified qualification within 21 days from the date of publication of this notice.


Advertisement No. Types Seats
1/079/080 Open  9 (Nine)
2/079/080 Women 2 (Two)
3/079/080 Adivasi / Janajati 2 (Two)
4/079/080 Madheshi 2 (Two)
5/079/080 Dalit 1 (One)

Last date for submission of application form: Up to 200/02/32

Last date for submission of application for a double fee: Up to 2080/03/07

Place of obtaining and submitting application form: Civil Aviation Academy, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Application form fee: Rs. 200.- (two hundred)

Exam Fee: Rs. 1,200.- (one thousand two hundred rupees only) but if applying in more than one group, 50% additional fee will be charged for each group. Candidates who submit their applications only in the inclusive group will have to submit an open application form.

Syllabus: It is placed on the website of the institute. If required Rs. 100.- can be purchased on payment of payment.

Where to deposit the application form, exam fee, and course fee:

in the name of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority from the Bishalbazar, Kathmandu branch of National Commercial Bank or any branch offices of that bank. The fee can be collected at Account no. 1090100064917001. The application form will be provided only after submission of the complete receipt of payment clearly mentioning the name of the applicant.

Required Minimum Educational Qualification:

Bachelor's degree in Science or IT (Information Technology) or Management or Engineering from a recognized educational institution with at least a second rank or CGPA 2.5.

Age: 21 years of age and not more than 27 years of age till the last date of submission of application form 2080/02/32.

Type of Exam : 1) Written Exam 2) Interview 3) Health Test

Candidates who are successful in the interview must have a medical examination at their own expense by a civil aviation health examiner/supervisor appointed by the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority and have a qualified recommendation for ATC training from the ATC Licensing Class III Medical Report.

Written Exam Schedule: Will be published later. The written exam will be conducted by Sri Public Service Commission.

Training period: 1 (one) year.

Documents to be attached with the application:

a) Three recent passport size photographs, Nepali citizenship certificate, transcript of minimum educational qualification, certified copy of certificate or its provisional, character certificate should be submitted along with the application form. Also, the bank receipt of the examination fee must be submitted.

b) Complete certificate of passing English Language Proficiency Test at least Grade-B from Tribhuvan University Bishwabhasha Campus should be submitted.

c) Candidates who have passed from a foreign university must submit the equivalency document from Tribhuvan University.

d) Necessary documents and other documents should be received within the last date of application (with single receipt) 2080/02/32.

Documents to be submitted by the candidates for inclusion:

a) In the case of Adivasi Janajati, based on the same information as in the case of castes listed in the Nepal National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities Act, but if there is more than one surname within the caste listed in the Nepal Adivasi / Tribal Upliftment National Foundation, the surname within the caste listed by the relevant commission or district administration office A certified copy must be submitted along with the application form.

b) In the case of Madhesi, on the basis that the Government of Nepal has published a notice in the Nepal Gazette and certified them as Madhesi from the prescribed institution, but until the institution has been published in the Nepal Gazette and the institution has been designated, the documents certifying that they are Madhesi from the relevant commission or district administration office must be submitted along with the application form.

c) In the case of Dalits, on the same basis as in the case of the caste listed by the National Dalit Commission, but if there is more than one surname within the caste listed by the National Dalit Commission, a document certifying that it is a surname within the caste listed by the relevant commission or district administration office must be submitted with the application form.

Special conditions and information regarding application and examination:

a) If the documents/certificates of citizenship, educational qualification, etc. submitted by the candidates along with the application form are incomplete, expired, and if the name, surname, etc. of the three generations of the candidates and the candidates are different, if no document confirming the name, surname, etc. No action will be taken. Also, the application form cannot be submitted without any conditions.

b) The examination conducted on the basis of open and inclusive competition will be conducted jointly at one sitting.

c) If there is a public holiday on the last day of submitting the application form, the application form can be submitted on the same day the office is open. However, if the last day of submitting the double duty payment form falls on a holiday, the application form cannot be submitted the next day.

d) People with color vision problems, hearing problems, babbling, tremors, etc. will be disqualified for ATC training. Applicants will be informed in advance.

e) If the examination is postponed or canceled for any reason, the examination fee will be refunded. But if the form is rejected, the fee will not be refunded.

f) After the trainees are selected for the training and pass the training, they will be appointed to the vacant positions of authority after completing the procedure according to the rules. The human resources appointed in this way will be assigned to civil aviation offices located outside the Kathmandu Valley to work for at least the first 2 (two) years.

This information can also be viewed from the websites of the Civil Aviation Training Academy and Nepal Civil Aviation Authority:, and respectively.

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