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Boston International College Chitwan Started Second Session of Entrepreneur Development Program (6-day Bootcamp)

Event 31 May 2021 1452 0

Boston International College Chitwan Started Second Session of Entrepreneur Development Program (6-day Bootcamp)

The Incubation Department of Boston International College, Bharatpur, Chitwan, BIC Start-ups has started the second session of Incubation under the name 'Entrepreneur Development Program (6-day Bootcamp)'. The program has been started through a virtual medium the day after the budget included programs such as seed capital loan, concessional loan available by pledging certificates, and business registration through a one-door system.

On the first day of the six-day Bootcamp, the president of the college, Ananda Bahadur Chand, encouraged the participants to get more excited as the budget has made various positive arrangements. Chairman of the Chitwan Association of Industries Raju Paudel said that there were some positive things in the budget speech and the Chitwan Association of Industries would review it further.

He welcomed the provision that up to Rs 500,000 invested in seed capital can be counted as an expenditure. He said that the work of preparing a database by identifying the real industrialists and businessmen of Chitwan has reached the final stage in the coming days and after that work, the association can give suggestions to the new entrepreneurs about the industries that are in demand in the market.

He said that they have been consulting on how to register and what kind of business to start when starting the industry. He recalled that the association, which is continuously working for the rights and interests of the people affiliated with the industry association, has set up a relief fund of up to Rs 5 million for the distressed industries and has been providing unsecured loans of up to Rs 1 million to the affiliated organizations.

Poudel expressed his commitment to promoting entrepreneurship in the coming days by introducing the concept of 'Employment Bank' to facilitate coordination between industrialists and workers.

Nanda Kishor Mandal, Founder Director of Skill Lab, congratulated the participants on their entrepreneurial journey and said that he was very enthusiastic. He said that the importance of incubation was increasing as the journey of entrepreneurship was very challenging and he was committed to working in it with the skill lab.

Prem Gare, head of BIC Startups, said that they are working with the vision of developing Chitwan as an entrepreneurial district of Nepal. He said the second session of the incubation was launched in September with a demo day program.

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