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Celebrating Chaite Dashain Festival

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Chaite Dashain

Celebrating Chaite Dashain Festival:

The Chaite Dashain festival, which is celebrated every year on Chaitra Shukla Ashtami, is being celebrated today by worshiping Nava Durga Bhagwati.

There are four Navaratras in a year. Navratra in favor of Ashad and Poush Shukla is not very popular. Some seekers say that Ashad and Poush worship the goddess Shakti Swarupa even on Shukla Paksha Navratra. On the Navratra of Ashwin Shukla's side, Jamara is kept from the day of Pratipada. That is why the Dashain of Ashwin Shukla's side is called Badadshain. In Badadashain, on the day of Dashami Tithi, Tika and Jamara are administered by the devotees. This sequence lasts until the Ashwin Shukla full moon. In Chaite Dashain, that tradition does not exist in many families. In the Dashainghar of Hanuman Dhoka, it is customary to offer sacrifices on the day of Ashtami along with ritual worship.

Ashtami and Navami are especially celebrated in Chaite Dashain. Ashtami is celebrated as Chaite Dashain and Navami is celebrated as Ram Navami as Rama was born as the eldest son of King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalyavati of Ayodhya in the Treta era.

Special worship is performed at Guheshwari, Jayabageshwari, Maiti Devi, Naxal Bhagwati, Bhadrakali, Shobha Bhagwati, Kalikasthan, Bajrayogini, and other places in the Kathmandu Valley. There is a religious belief that if one goes to Shakti Peetha and worships and pays homage, one will get power and one's desires will be fulfilled. Due to the risk of the corona, the government has decided to allow only daily worship, meditation, and prayer in monasteries, mosques, monasteries, and churches throughout the month.

Experts suggest celebrating the festival with family members at home as the risk of corona infection increases.