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Dr. Fish Wins Hult Prize Kathmandu University 2024

Event 28 Feb 2024 480 0

Dr Fish Wins Hult Prize Kathmandu University 2024

Dr. Fish Wins Hult Prize Kathmandu University 2024

Canadian Study Centre presents the Hult prize at Kathmandu University (HPKU) Grand - Finale sponsored by Agni group | Mahindra took place at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel. The grand finale comes to an end where the most anticipated competition for young entrepreneurs wanting to make a sustainable impact in society. The finale took place between 5 winning teams, “Kodo ko Khaja”, “Dr. Fish”, “Sarva”, “Hempire” and “Ladies with the Lamp”, from the semi-finale that took place at KUSOM, Balkumari.

The business proposals of the 5 teams were meticulously scrutinized by a total of 7 judges. The judges present were Anima Piya, who is working as a co-founder and director of operations at Zero Circular and continuously advocating for a sustainable environment, was present as a judge. The Founder of the Great Nepali Diaspora, Preeti Adhikary brought her knowledge and experience in management from top-notch universities like Yale and British Columbia as a judge at Hult prize.

The CEO and co-founder of Galli Maps, Raj Bikram Maharjan was in the judging panel assessing the participants from his own experience in the startup arena. Sajan Gautam, who is currently the ‘ Entrepreneur at Residence’ at Fuel Accelerator, was able to fairly judge the  business pitch from the young entrepreneur. A seasoned entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Khudra Asia, Shashank Das Verma has a rich background in management and consulting and thus as a judge panelist, he had contributed in the judgment. Veda Shrestha, who is the vice president at Agni group | Mahindra, has witnessed and organized public speaking contests like Agni Toastmaster. She was also one of the prestigious judges present at the Grand Finale.

The CEO of Varosa Technology, Sarad Banjara is a skilled start-up mentor, Trainer and marketing consultant. With his extensive experience and knowledge in the realm of business, he was present as a distinguished judge.  The grand finale was made even more eventful and momentous with the presence of esteemed guest Durga Prasad Acharya; the Chief Finance Head at Agni Group| Mahindra,  Chief Guest Aishwarya Khulal; Senior Student Advisor and Branch Manager at Canadian Study Center and Special Guest Vedant Shrestha; Business Analyst at Agni Group | Mahindra.

Charchica Pokharel, Saras Mainali, Jessica Thapa, and Shlok Koirala served as the EMCEEs of the grand finale. Campus Director, Sasha Sunuwar warmly welcomed all the esteemed judges, guests, participants, and attendees. The event commenced with the Panas Lighting by the honorary Chief Guest Aishwarya Khulal, Senior Student Advisor and Branch Manager at Nepal’s premier educational consultancy, the Canadian Study Center (CSC) and followed with some remarks from Aishwarya Khulal and Veda Shrestha. In order to promote social and cultural connection and a feeling of communal well-being, Kauda dance and other traditional dances were performed. 

The pitching competition commenced with each participating team delivering their presentations within a designated time frame of 4 minutes, followed by an additional 4 minutes allocated for judges to engage in questioning and evaluation. Throughout this process, the judges diligently maintained records of the points awarded to each participant on their scorecards, ensuring thorough assessment and fairness in the competition.

Additionally, the event featured game sessions and poetry performances designed to captivate and entertain the audience while awaiting the judges' final decision. The most awaited moment of the Hult Prize at Kathmandu University Grand Finale arrived with the announcement of the Winner as "Dr. Fish", followed by "Hempire" as the Runner Up, and "Kodo Ko Khaja" as the Second Runner Up. The Winner received a grand  total of Twenty Thousand Rupees with additional gifts from Donut Drools, Juice Mandala, BeHumble, Slip me on and Oriso, and vouchers from Door 2 Door, Aaronic International Consultancy Education Services, Taximandu etc. The Runner Up received a cash prize of Ten Thousand and gifts from Donut Drools and Oriso, vouchers from Taximandu, Juice Mandala,  Aaronic International Consultancy Education Services, Sichu Nepal. The Second Runner Up received a cash prize of Five Thousand Rupees, Gifts from Donut Drools, Vouchers from Juice Mandala, Door 2 Door, Taximandu, Aronic, Sichu Nepal. The Third and Fourth Runner Up also received a cash prize of Twenty Five Hundred Rupees each.

The event culminated with the presentation of Token of Love to the judges and guests by the Campus Director and Deputy Campus Director as a gesture of gratitude and acknowledgment. Wrapping up the event, Campus Director conveyed sincere appreciation to all participants and contributors for their invaluable efforts, which significantly contributed to the resounding success of the occasion.