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Ghale Language Training Conducted in Pokhara: Promoting and Preserving Ethnic Identity

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Ghale Language Training Conducted in Pokhara: Promoting and Preserving Ethnic Identity

The Ghale community, one of the indigenous communities of Nepal, has been conducting language training programs to promote and preserve their mother tongue, the Ghale language. Recently, the Ghale Society, in coordination with Gandaki Province and Gandaki Pragya Pratishthan, organized a Ghale language training program at Ghale Samaj Gharipatan in Pokhara 7, starting from February 5, 2023.

Certificates Distributed to 40 Trainees

The training program was concluded with the distribution of certificates to 40 trainees by the chancellor of the institution, Surya Bahadur Khadka 'Bikharchi'. During the distribution ceremony, Bikharchi emphasized the importance of language and stated that it is like a mother to all. He added that the existence of caste would cease if there was no language. Bikharchi also promised that the foundation would help in the preservation and promotion of the Ghale language.

Language is the Identity of Caste

Krishna Prasad Paudel, a linguist from Pragya Pratishthan, also spoke during the ceremony, stating that language is the identity of caste. He expressed his gratitude towards the Ghale community for protecting and promoting their language.

Use Ghale Language in Homes

Ganesh Ghale, a central member of the Ghale Samaj, thanked Pragya Pratishthan for supporting the language training program and requested the trainees to use Ghale language in their homes as well.

Training Program Conducted by Ashram Ghale

The program was chaired by Meen Bahadur Ghale, President of Gandaki Province, Ghale Society, and conducted by Til Prasad Ghale, Secretary of Lisle Fung (Ghale Samaj) Kaski. Ashram Ghale provided training during the program.

Promoting and Preserving Ghale Language

Language is an essential part of a community's identity, and it is heartening to see the Ghale community taking steps to promote and preserve their mother tongue. Such initiatives not only help to preserve a language but also aid in the conservation of a community's cultural heritage. It is vital to support and encourage such programs to ensure the survival of endangered languages.

Published on 12th March 2023

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