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In-Service Professional Development Training Provided to Teachers in Taplejung

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In-Service Professional Development Training Provided to Teachers in Taplejung

The Rural Education and Environment Development Center (REED) Nepal recently organized in-service professional development (TPD) training for teachers in Phattanglung and Sirijanga Rural Municipality of Taplejung. The training was attended by 20 teachers from 12 schools in the area.

Training Details

The training began with 10 days of in-service training followed by five days of practical work, after which a certificate with evaluation was given based on the sum of practical work of training and learning. According to Revant Basnet, the branch officer of Teacher Training Center Inruwa Sunsari, a teacher's personal file will not be created until they receive the certificate related to professional development.

Evaluation and Certification

After completing the project work and submitting the report within 45 days after the training, the results will be published. The participants are evaluated based on their diligence during the training, practical work done in the classroom, and hard work done during the project period.

Organizers and Support

The training was organized by REED Nepal with financial support from Himalayan Trust UK. The working area of REED is Paktanglung Rural Municipality-4 Ikhabu, Ward No. 5 Tapethok, Ward No. 6 Lelep, and Ward No. 7 Olangchungola, and Ward No. 6 Mamankhe 7 Khewang and 8 Yamfudin of Sirijunga Rural Municipality. Rajendra Prasad Pant, District Program Manager of REED Nepal, informed that teachers from 12 basic schools including three from Sirijanga and nine from Paktanglung participated in the training.

Agreement and Verification

According to Pant, an agreement was signed between the Government of Nepal and REED Nepal in 2014. Based on the overall evaluation of such training provided by REED in collaboration with the teacher training center of the respective province, a certificate with results will be issued, verified by the government agency, and continued by the government agency.

Praise for REED Nepal

Basnet praised REED Nepal for its work style and for providing a chance to the locals by organizing the training in the Himalayan and hilly districts, including Taplejung, where it is difficult to organize such training. He mentioned that it is a matter of luck for the teachers of Taplejung to receive in-service training in their own area.

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