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International Tea Festival 2081: A Celebration of Nepali Tea in Ilam

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International Tea Festival

International Tea Festival 2081: A Celebration of Nepali Tea in Ilam

The International Tea Festival 2081 will be organized in Ilam, a region renowned for its tea production, which significantly contributes to foreign exchange earnings. This event, scheduled from Jestha 26 to Jestha 28, 2081, will take place at the headquarters of Ilam municipality.

Event Highlights and Objectives

Key Organizers:

  • Coordinator: Kedar Thapa, Mayor of Ilam municipality.
  • Support: Nepal Tourism Board.

Festival Objectives:

  • Promote Nepali Tea: Enhance the marketing and global recognition of Nepali tea.
  • Boost Tea Tourism: Encourage tourists to explore Ilam, known for its tea heritage.

Historical Significance of Ilam's Tea Industry

Tea cultivation began in Ilam in 1920 BS and has since spread to various districts across Nepal. Ilam holds a special place in Nepal's tea history as it is home to the country's oldest tea factory, established in 1935 BS.

Festival Attractions

Tea Stalls and Tastings:

  • Variety: A wide range of tea flavors and varieties will be showcased.
  • Tastings: Visitors can enjoy samples of the finest orthodox teas produced in the region.

Why Attend the Festival?

  • Experience Nepali Tea Culture: Learn about the rich history and process of tea production in Nepal.
  • Support Local Economy: Your participation helps boost local businesses and tea tourism.

Target Audience

  • Tea Enthusiasts: Those passionate about different tea varieties and flavors.
  • Tourists: Visitors interested in cultural experiences and exploring Ilam's scenic beauty.
  • Local and International Buyers: Individuals and businesses looking to source high-quality Nepali tea.

Purpose and Benefits

  • Marketing Nepali Tea: Create awareness and demand for Nepali tea in international markets.
  • Promoting Tourism: Attract visitors to Ilam, supporting the local economy and tourism industry.


The International Tea Festival 2081 is a significant event for Nepal's tea industry, offering a unique opportunity to showcase the best of Nepali tea to the world. By focusing on marketing and tourism, the festival is expected to contribute to the economic growth of the region and the country.