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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Announces Unique Flute Playing Competition

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Announces Unique Flute Playing Competition

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Announces Unique Flute Playing Competition

In a remarkable celebration of traditional arts and culture, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City is gearing up to host an extraordinary flute playing competition. This event is a part of the 'Cultural Mahanagara' program and marks the 29th Mahanagara Day. It's an initiative that aims to preserve and showcase traditional art forms and styles, particularly focusing on the rich heritage of flute music.

Event Details and Participation Guidelines

  • Date of the Event: The competition is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, 2023.
  • Venue: The grand event will take place at Rastriya Sabha Griha.

Registration Process

  • According to Archana Shrestha, Head of Heritage and Tourism Department, registration forms are available for interested participants.
  • Participants are required to provide details such as name, address, and the type of flute they plan to play: Ghor (big flute), Majhwal (medium flute), or Teep (small flute).
  • A recommendation from the respective tol, guthi, or association's guru is mandatory, followed by an endorsement from the local ward.
  • The deadline for submitting these documents is Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

Performance Guidelines

  • Contestants are expected to dress in traditional costumes, complete with cultural jewelry and makeup.
  • The flutes used can be made of bamboo, wood, or plastic.
  • Each group can have up to 12 members, with at least 8 playing the flute.
  • A combination of large, medium, and small flutes is recommended, though at least two types must be played.
  • Additional instruments from the Newar community, both leather and metal, can be incorporated by 2 members of the group.

Musical Selection and Competition Rules

  • Contestants must choose and submit 5 tunes in advance, with 2 selected for performance on the day.
  • Each tune should not exceed 5 minutes, with a signal at the 4-minute mark.
  • The performance can include a blend of up to 2 tunes if they are short.
  • All tunes should be in the Nepali language.

Prizes and Incentives

  • First Prize: NPR 150,000 and a large silver flute.
  • Second Prize: NPR 100,000 and a medium silver flute.
  • Third Prize: NPR 50,000 and a small silver flute.
  • All participants will receive an incentive of NPR 10,000.

This flute playing competition is not just a contest but a vibrant expression of Nepal’s rich cultural tapestry. It's a golden opportunity for artists to showcase their talent and for audiences to experience the melodious art of flute music. This event is a testament to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City's commitment to cultural preservation and promotion.

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