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Lumbini Technological University Celebrated Second Anniversary

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Lumbini Technological University Celebrated Second Anniversary

Lumbini Technological University Celebrated Second Anniversary

Chief Minister of Lumbini Province, Jokh Bahadur Mahara, announced the establishment of a Provincial university in Banke. This initiative aims to develop top-quality human resources within Nepal.

During the second anniversary celebration of Lumbini Technological University in Nepalgunj, Chief Minister Mahara, who also serves as the Chancellor of the university, emphasized the university's role in producing skilled professionals. He noted that this effort is part of the provincial government's strategy to make Lumbini a hub for technical education.

Importance of Higher Education and Youth Development

Mahara highlighted the capability of Nepal's universities to provide high-quality higher education. He stressed the importance of fostering positive thinking and emotional development among the younger generation to support their academic and professional growth.

Call for Government Support

  • Land Allocation: Social Development Minister and Pro-Chancellor of the university, Ratna Bahadur Khatri, called on the central government to allocate land for the university. He urged immediate implementation of local recommendations to facilitate this process.

Insights from Other Leaders

  • Global Ambitions: Vice-Chancellor of Gandaki University, Prof. Dr. Mahendra Man Gurung, Minister of Land Management and Agriculture Bhandari Lal, and Vice-Chancellor of Lumbini Technological University, Prof. Dr. Binod Dhakal, shared their perspectives. They emphasized the potential for the university to gain recognition not only in western Nepal but also on an international level.


The establishment of the regional university in Banke marks a significant step towards enhancing technical education in Nepal. This initiative reflects the commitment of the Lumbini provincial government to develop skilled human resources and foster educational excellence within the country.


Lumbini Technological University

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