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MoALD Invites Application for Food Processing Technology Training Program

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Food Processing Technology Training Program

Food Processing Technology Training Program by Nepal's Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development of Nepal, specifically its Food Technology and Quality Control Department, located in Babarmahal, Kathmandu, is pleased to announce a unique opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and businessmen in Nepal. This is an invitation for all eligible Nepalese citizens to apply for an upcoming training program focusing on food processing technology.

Key Details:

  • Eligibility: All Nepalese citizens who have successfully passed their SLC/SEE exams.
  • Required Documents:
    • Attested copy of Nepalese citizenship.
    • Attested copy of educational qualifications.
    • (For those registered in the domestic food processing industry, a copy of your registration or license is also needed.)
  • Application Deadline: All applications should be submitted by Friday, 1st Mangsir 2080.
  • Interview Schedule: Selected candidates will be interviewed on Monday, 4th Mangsir 2080, between 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
  • Results Announcement: Results will be made public on Tuesday, 5th Mangsir 2080.
  • Training Commencement: The training program will kick-off on Wednesday, 6th Mangsir 2080.

Additional Information:

While the selected participants will benefit immensely from this training, it's essential to note that daily allowances and accommodation facilities are not part of the program benefits. For further details or any queries, the Food Technology Development and Nutrition Major Branch of the department is available for contact.

Published Date: 2080/07/01

Why Apply?

  • Enhance your skills in the ever-growing field of food processing technology.
  • Engage with industry experts and experienced trainers.
  • Expand your business or entrepreneurial ventures in the food industry with valuable knowledge.

Application Tip: Ensure all submitted documents are up to date and attested to avoid any discrepancies during the verification process.

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