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Nepal Nursing Day Magh 15: Honoring the Pillars of Healthcare

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Nepal Nursing Day

Nepal Nursing Day Magh 15: Honoring the Pillars of Healthcare

Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepal observes the significant occasion of Nepal Nursing Day today, the 15th of Magh, paying homage to the dedication and tireless efforts of Nepali nurses who form the backbone of the nation's healthcare system. This day marks a pivotal moment in recognizing the critical role played by nurses in hospitals, health posts, and other medical settings across Nepal.

A Day of Respect and Recognition:

Nepal Nursing Day, celebrated annually, honors the bravery, kindness, and spirit of service embodied by the nursing profession. "Heartfelt salutations to all the frontliner Nepali nurses who work tirelessly, day and night, in service of the patients," expressed the Collegenp family in a statement today.

Exploring the Roots of Nepali Nursing:

Contrary to the long history of nursing globally, the nursing profession in Nepal has a more recent origin, believed to have started in 1956 A.D. (B.S. 2013). Despite the scarcity of historical documents, it's acknowledged that formal nursing training began during the Rana period, with some Nepali housewives and disciples, including figures like Bidhavati Kansakar and Dharmadevi Kansakar, receiving training.

Honoring Nepal's First Professional Nurse:

The late Lamu Amatya has been recognized as Nepal's first professional nurse. In 2017, the Government of Nepal posthumously awarded her the title, based on evidence presented by her son, Yogeshwar (Yogi) Amatya. Lamu Amatya, who graduated from Calcutta Medical College in 1954, initiated the "Nursing Training Project" in Chhetrapati, paving the way for future generations of nurses in Nepal.

Reflecting on the Global Nursing Legacy:

The global history of nursing traces its origins to the Crimean War, where Florence Nightingale laid the foundation for modern nursing. Her contributions during the war earned her the moniker "The Lady with the Lamp," and her legacy continues to inspire nursing professionals worldwide.

The Current State and Future of Nursing in Nepal:

Despite its relatively recent history, nursing in Nepal has developed into a respected and crucial profession. Today, nurses are indispensable in the healthcare sector, and their contributions are more critical than ever. The country's healthcare future hinges on the continued dedication and development of the nursing profession.

A Call for Continued Respect and Support:

As Nepal Nursing Day is observed, it's a call for every Nepalese citizen to treat the nursing profession with the respect and dignity it deserves. "These tender-hearted nurses, devoted to the service of the sick, are indeed the true jewels of the nation," the statement from the Collegenp family concluded.

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