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Plan International Nepal Conducts Safe School Framework Implementation Training in Dhanusha

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Plan International Nepal Conducts Safe School Framework Implementation Training in Dhanusha

A recent three-day training program on safe school framework implementation procedures and information communication technology was successfully conducted by Plan International Nepal and Asman Nepal. The training was held at Secondary School Khajuri Chanha, located in Janakandini Rural Municipality of Dhanusha District, and it was attended by 30 teachers from 15 different schools in Janakandini and Videh municipalities.

The aim of the training was to equip teachers with classroom management skills, provide information on past and present changes in education, and teach them how to effectively use modern technologies in the classroom. During the training, the use of educational materials such as textbooks, blackboards/whiteboards, and wall writing was discussed, as well as how to turn the classroom into a laboratory in changing conditions.

One of the main goals of the training was to teach teachers and students how to use information communication technology (ICT) to facilitate learning through modern technologies such as mobile phones, computers, multimedia internet, projectors, digital boards, and other educational tools.

The safe school framework implementation procedure was also discussed in detail during the training. This framework is a set of guidelines for implementing comprehensive school safety measures. The goals of the framework include protecting teachers and students from death and injury, creating an environment that allows schools to continue after a disaster, ensuring the safety of investments in education, and reducing disaster risk through education.

Sanjiv Kumar Sah, who conducted the training, emphasized the importance of constructing, reconstructing, and strengthening physical structures to address potential disasters, improving school security, mainstreaming disaster risk reduction at the minimum level, and ensuring institutional arrangements to include comprehensive school security content in the curriculum.

Overall, the training program was a success, and it is hoped that the teachers who attended the training will be able to apply the knowledge and skills they learned to make their classrooms and schools safer and more resilient.

Published on 8th April 2023

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