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Sikali Jatra Celebrates in Khokana

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Sikali Jatra in Khakana

In Khokana, one of the oldest settlements in Lalitpur, Sikali Jatra (Rudrayani dance) is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year during Dashain. Khokana Sikali Jatra which starts from Ghatasthapana is celebrated till the day of Badadashain. On the day of Panchami, Khat Jatra is performed as the main Jatra, while on the day of Shashti, the dance of the gods and goddesses is performed.

On the sixth day (Shashti) Saturday, the Rudrayani Devgans performed a dance in the Sikali temple. 14 people from Guthi have danced in the temple complex wearing the dream (Mukundo) and clothes of the deity they are supposed to play. Sri Rudrayani Guthi is in charge of the dances performed during Sikali Jatra. Division of work is done among the 46 Devgans (Guthiyars) in Guthi. All belong to Maharjan-Dangol people.

The dance of 14 goddesses (Rudrayan, Bhairava, Kumari, Ganesha, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahadev, Indrayan, Varahi, Chamunda Kali, Mahalakshmi, Kumar, Hanuman and Shakti Kumar) is performed during Sikali Jatra. All the deities are taken inside the temple and taken out of the temple in Tantric manner as Veerbhadra, and Mahakali. After that, it is washed on Sikali premises. Devganas dance around the village from Sikali Chowr.

Rudrayani Guthiyar participates in the Ashwamegha Yajna in Sikali Chowr in the guise of Devgan wearing a crown, elaborate dress, and jewelry. This is considered the main attraction. On the ground, a scene is shown of the destruction of the Yagya by the Devgan's at the place of Seti Devi Homida Virbhadra and Mahakali.

On the day of Saptami, there is a tradition of dancing in the double of Khokana lower Lachi village. The dance is considered to be the dance (Lasata Pyankh) celebrated by Mahalakshmi after killing Mahishasura. Which is considered as the main attraction of Jatra. On the night of Saptami, a dance is performed at Kwanlachi. On Ashtami, the idol and khwapa are replaced again in the Rudrayani temple. During the Jatra, relatives are invited and feasted there.