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Sunway College Offering Free Digital Marketing and Data Science Training

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Sunway College Offering Free Digital Marketing and Data Science Training

Sunway College (Sunway International Business School, Maitidevi, Kathmandu) which has been teaching IT and management, is offering free digital marketing and data science training. The college, which has been conducting 'Boot Camp' for 7 days from June 1, is going to impart such training under the same program.

The training of the first and second batch this year has been completed. Soon, the third batch of training will be conducted from 15th to 22nd June 2022, said Sunway.

Anyone can easily apply to participate in this workshop. The college has also stated that there is no fee to participate.

Details about the digital market will be given on the first day of this training by experts in the related field. Similarly, content writing will be taught on the second day, designing with canvas on the third day, and personal branding on the fourth day.

Similarly, Pinterest Master Class will be given on the fifth day, Introduction and Scope of Data Science on the sixth day, and Introduction to SEO and SEM on the seventh day. Although it costs more than Rs 30,000 to take similar training from other places, Sunway College has provided it free of cost through boot camp.

Also, the best two participants will be given Rs 10,000 per person, said Amrit Thapa, director of the college. The main objective of the workshop is to impart detailed knowledge about the field of the digital market and its use.

Those who wish to participate in the workshop can easily apply by sending a message on Sunway College's Facebook page. Director Thapa said that it is planned to conduct this workshop every month in the coming days. It is also expected to address the growing demand for manpower in digital marketing and data science.

Additional Information:

Venue: Sunway International Business School, Maitidevi, Kathmandu

Training Title: Digital Marketing and Data Science Training

Training Duration: 7 Days

Event Date: 15th to 22nd June 2022

Price / Fee: Free

Who can Apply: Anyone can easily apply to participate in this workshop. 

How to Apply: (Go to this Facebook page link and send a message)

Contact Phone / Mobile: 01-4431725, 9861344434

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Maitidevi, Kathmandu

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