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Tourism and Industry Office Baglung Notice for Various Training

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Tourism and Industry Office Baglung Notice for Various Training

Tourism and Industry Office Baglung Notice for Various Training

Government of Gandaki Province, Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, Directorate of Tourism, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Tourism and Industry Office, Baglung, Notice regarding the conduct of training

According to the approved annual program of the Tourism and Industry Office, Baglung for the current Fiscal Year 2080/81, with the aim of creating employment for all persons who want to operate and promote enterprise business after acquiring skills, there is a program to conduct vocational training on the subjects mentioned in the details.

This notification has been published that interested Nepali citizens who have attained the prescribed qualifications should submit an application to this office along with the documents as per the details, mentioning the subject of the training they want to take by 13th Baisakh 2080.
Training Name, Quota and Training Duration:
Required number of training periods
1) Mini Tailor Plow Maintenance - 20 people - 10 days
2) Driving training - 20 people - 1 month
3) Cutting and sewing (Silai Katai) training (advance) - 20 people - 45 days
4) Doll making training (advance) - 20 people - 20 days
Documents to be attached with the application:
1) Copy of Nepali Citizenship Certificate
2) Copy of Certificate of Educational Qualification
3) Nepali citizens who have completed 16 years and not reached 45 years
4) In case of advanced training, a copy of the experience certificate must be submitted.


 Economically and socially disadvantaged, single women, victims of conflict, returnees from foreign employment, affected by Covid and those involved in related professions will be given priority.

- If there are more applications than the specified number, the trainees will be selected through interviews. The date and venue of the interview will be announced later. After the training, the profession related to the same training should be conducted.

First published date: 2080/12/29

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