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World Environment Day June 5

Event 05 Jun 2021 1695 0

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day. World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year according to the English calendar with the objective of raising positive public awareness to save nature and the planet we live in by keeping the deteriorating world environment healthy due to increasing pollution and pollution.

From June 5 to 16, 1972, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) under the auspices of the United Nations was decided.

World Environment Day was first observed on June 5, 1973 with the slogan 'Save the Environment and Save the Living Earth', with the aim of addressing the world's current environmental degradation, problems and challenges as well as conducting awareness campaigns and programs to make the naturally healthy environment suitable for humankind.

World Environment Day is a world-class annual campaign The campaign addresses a wide range of environmental issues directly and indirectly related to the environment, such as garbage, polluted chemicals, food shortages, deforestation, natural disasters and destruction, and rising global temperatures. Acts in the formulation of necessary programs and plans to solve its problems and challenges, or plays a helpful role in doing so.

People around the world play a special role in raising awareness of various environmental issues and challenges facing the world from various environmental perspectives, implementing the necessary initiatives and campaigns for its protection and solution. Do |

World Environment Day, which is celebrated every year, is celebrated in a planned manner every year in a planned manner to bring more effectiveness to the celebration of Environment Day in accordance with the various annual themes and slogans specially formulated. The World Environment Day, which started in 1973, has been working on the annual campaign-oriented slogans and action plans for the present time.

World Environment Day aims to play a supportive role in implementing and enforcing an environmentally friendly global action plan and policy by addressing possible natural disasters by modifying the protection of the world environment.