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Madhesh Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Written Exam Schedule of Various Positions (Revised)

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Madhesh Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Notice

Madhesh Province Public Service Commission Announces Revised Examination Dates

The Madhesh Province Public Service Commission has issued a revised notice detailing the schedule for upcoming examinations. This notice, numbered 126/080-081, is crucial for candidates preparing for various public service positions.

Key Publication Date: The updated information was released on the date 2080/09/26, aligning with the commission's revised timeline for written exams initially announced in notice 2080/081.

Comprehensive Evaluation Levels: The notice outlines eleven distinct levels of service groups and posts that span a range of expertise from health services to engineering and administration.

Healthcare Sector Opportunities: Candidates specializing in health-related fields, including general health services, medical laboratory technology (MLT), and various medical specialties like surgery, radiodiagnosis, and pediatrics, are advised to review the revised dates.

Technical and Engineering Aspirants: Positions in civil, sanitary, and irrigation engineering, as well as geology and hydrology, are listed, offering technical professionals a chance to advance their careers within the public sector.

Administration and Governance Vacancies: The notice also includes positions for various administrative levels, highlighting opportunities for those with backgrounds in general administration, educational administration, and accountancy.

Agriculture and Forestry Professionals: With posts in agriculture, fisheries, horticulture, soil science, food and beverages, and general forestry, the notice caters to a broad spectrum of professionals in these vital sectors.

Further Information Awaited: The commission will announce the examination center and exact timings at a later date, urging candidates to stay informed through the official website:

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Madhesh Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog

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