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National Skill Testing Board - NSTB Call for Skill Test Application 2023

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National Skill Testing Committee (NSTB) Call to Apply for Skill Test

National Skill Testing Board - NSTB Call for Skill Test Application 2023

Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), National Skill Testing Board (NSTB), Madhyapur Thimi 2, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur issued an important notice for Nepali citizens interested in applying for a pre-learning skill test. This test is particularly relevant for individuals employed within Nepal or those returning from foreign employment. The process involves several key steps and requirements, which are outlined below to ensure a smooth application experience.

Key Requirements and Steps for Skill Test Application

  1. Accessing the Application Form: The application form and notification are available on the NSTB website ( Applicants can download the form or obtain it from designated centers.

  2. Submission Deadline: Applications must be submitted to the designated center by the date 2080/09/11. If this date falls on a holiday, submissions are acceptable on the next working day.

  3. Document Submission: Along with the application, applicants need to submit 2 recent passport-size photographs, a citizenship certificate, and a training or experience certificate. For experience certificates, it's essential that they clearly state the period of work and are issued by recognized organizations in Nepal.

  4. Special Categories: Subsidized categories for the test include women, Dalits, tribals, persons with disabilities, and other government-designated categories. Relevant documents are required for these categories.

  5. Foreign Employment Documentation: Those returning from foreign employment should provide a copy of their work experience abroad, passport, and visa.

  6. Incomplete Applications: Incomplete or late applications will not be considered and will be automatically canceled.

  7. Minimum Applicant Requirement: If less than three applications are received for a particular profession, the skill test for that profession will not be held.

  8. Skill Test Scheduling: Applicants will be notified of the skill test date via SMS. Admit cards can be collected at the application center a day before the test.

  9. Equipment and Tools: Candidates are responsible for bringing their own tools and materials for the test. Health safety standards must be adhered to.

  10. Previous Participants: Those who have taken the skill test before must mention their registration number and indicate if it's a re-test.

  11. Higher Level Application Requirements: Applicants aiming for a higher level must submit their lower-level skill certificate and work experience letter.

  12. Application Processing Fee: After online application submission, a processing fee of Rs. 70/- (minus any deductions) should be paid to the specified bank account, and a scanned copy of the voucher uploaded.

  13. Test Centers: The skill tests will be conducted in certified or designated centers in respective provinces.

  14. Certification and Identification Card: Successful candidates will receive a skill certificate and identification card for a fee of Rs. 150/-.

Contact Information for Further Queries

For additional information, applicants can contact the NSTB at phone numbers 01-6638153, 01-6635195, or mobile numbers 9851127080, 9851163964, and 9841249343.

This notice serves as a comprehensive guide for applicants to understand the application process, requirements, and the necessary steps to participate in the skill test conducted by CTEVT and NSTB. It is crucial for candidates to follow these guidelines closely to ensure their application is successful and meets all the criteria set forth by the authorities.

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