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NEB Class 12 Exam Routine 2080

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NEB-National Examination Board

NEB Class 12 Annual Exam Time Table / Routine 2080: Schedule and Important Instructions

The National Examination Board (NEB) Examination Control Office for Class 11 and 12, located in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, has released the annual examination schedule for regular, graded, and partial examinees of class 12. The examination will be conducted for the new and old syllabus of general, traditional, and technical subject groups.

Here are the important details and instructions for the exam:

Exam Schedule:

The annual exam will be held in the year 2080, as per the date and time prescribed by NEB. The exam will take place between 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Date: 2080/01/26 (Tuesday)

Compulsory English (New Course) For Regular Student's only 41
Sanskrit Rachana (New Course) 121

Date: 2080/01/27 (Wednesday)

Baudh Education (New Course) 221
Urdu Byakaran & Sahitya (New Course) 321
Anibarya Baika.lpik Sanskrit Rachana. (Old Course) 5
Compulsory Nepali (New Course) 21
Compulsory Nepali (Old Course) 6
Alternative English (Old Course) 8
Human Rights (Old Course) 676
Business Mathematics (Old Course) 908
Marketing (Old Course) 910
Instructional Evaluation (Old Course) 918
Introduction to Edu. Technology (Old Course) 912
Special Need Education (Old Course) 934
Primary Education (Old Course) 914
Instructional Organization (Old Course) 922
Contemporary Society (Old Course) 924
General Mathematics (Old Course) 926
General Science (Old Course) 928
Social Studies (Old Course) 930
Rural Economics (Old Course) 932
Gender Studies (Old Course) 936
Food & Nutrition (Old Course) 940
History of Arts (Old Course) 944
Nepal Parichaya (Old Course) 946
Sanskrit Byakaran Rachana. (Old Course) 948
Optional Music IV (Old Course) 950
Mathematics (Technical Stream, New Course) 9121/ 9141

Date: 2080/01/28 (Thursday)

Compulsory English (New Course) For Grade Increment Students only 41
Compulsory English(Old Course) For GI /Partial Student only 4
Date: 2080/01/29 (Friday)
Compulsory Social Studies & Life Skill (For General Stream, New Course) 61
Compulsory Social Studies (For Technical Stream, New Course) 9011
Compulsory Mathematics (New Course) 81
Mathematics (Old Course) 216
Health & Physical Education (Old Course) 244
Psychology (Old Course) 252
Music (Old Course) 254
Linguistics (Old Course) 280
Co-operative Management (Old Course) 604
Optional Jyotish-III (Old Course) 611
Sahitya (Old Course) 614
Optional Shukla. Yazurveda-III (Old Course) 621
Optional Sahitya-III (Old Course) 623
Business Studies (Old Course) 628
Optional Byakaran—III (Old Course) 635
Procedural Law (Old Course) 670

Date: 2080/01/31 (Sunday)

Physics (General Stream New course) 1021
Physics (Technical Stream, New Course) 9131
Physics (Old Course) 210
Accounting (New Course) 1041
Rural Development (New Course) 1061
Nepalese Legal system (New Course) 1101
Painting 1121
Instructional Pedagogy and Evaluation (New Course) 1181
Psychology (New Course) 1201
History (New Course) 1221
Gender Studies (New Course) 1241
Hospitality Management (New Course) 1261
Naturopathy (New Course) 1301
Human Value Education (New Course) 1321
Shuldayajurbed (New Course) 5021
OptionalByakaran (New Course) 5101
Sidhant Jyotish (New Course) 5121
Sanskrit Sahitya. (New Course) 5181
Nitishastra. (New Course) 5221
Baudh Darshan (New Course) 6021
Political Science (Old Course) 258
Home Science (Old Course) 264
Hotel Management (Old Course) 270
Sociology (Old Course) 272
General Law (Old Course) 296
Anibarya Byakaran (Old Course) 605
Nyaya (Old Course) 616
Painting (Old Course) 626
Child Dev. & Learning (Old Course) 902

Date: 2080/02/01 (Monday)

Optional English (New Course) 3341
Agriculture (Old Course) 278
Commercial Veg. Prod. & Mkt. (Technical Old Course) 642
Introductory Meat Science (Technical Old Course) 648
General Surgery and Radiology (Technical New Course) 9211
Vegetable and Medicinal Plant Production (Technical New Course) 9251
Power Transmission and Distribution (Technical New Course) 9291
Construction Management (Technical New Course) 9331
Software Engineering and Project (Technical New Course) 9371

Date: 2080/02/02 (Tuesday)

Chemistry (General Stream New Course) 3021
Chemistry (Technical Stream, New Course) 9111
Chemistry(Old Course) 212
Economics (New Course) 3041
Economics (Old Course) 226
Tourism and Mountaineering Studies (New Course) 3061
Marketing (New Course) 3081
Gerontology and Care Taking Education (New Course) 3101
Yog (New Course) 3121
Vocal/Instrumental (New Course) 3141
Civil and Criminal law and justice (New Course) 3201
Culinary Arts (New Course) 3221
Culture (New Course) 3241
Fashion Designing (New Course) 3261
Optional Nepali (New Course) 3321
Maithali 3361
Urdu 3501
Applied Arts 3621
Bhot Language (New Course) 6341
Population Studies (Old Course) 246
Mass Communication (Old Course) 262
Philosophy (Old Course) 276
Library & Information Science (Old Course) 298
Environmental Education(Old Course) 608
Byakaran (Old Course) 610
Sports Science (Old Course) 666
Legal Drafting (Old Course) 668
Chemistry Education (Old Course) 942

Date: 2080/02/03 (Wednesday)

Sanskrit Bhasha & Byakaran (New Course) 181
Dance (Old Course) 250
History (Old Course) 256
Culture (Old Course) 266
Travel & Tourism (Old Course) 274
Optional Jyotish-11 (Old Course) 601
Elements of Finance (Old Course) 606
Optional Shukla. Yazurveda-II (Old Course) 607
Jyotish (Old Course) 612
Optional Sahitya-II (Old Course) 615
Optional Byakaran-II (Old Course) 634
Sustainable Integrated Nutrient & Pest Mgmt (Tech. Old Course) 646
Applied animal nutrition (Tech. Old Course) 652
Web development and Database(Tech. Old Course) 656
Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Structures (Tech. Old Course) 660
Repair & Management of Electrical Equipments (Tech. Old Course) 664
Teaching Science (Old Course) 904
Teaching Social Studies (Old Course) 906
Teaching Health & Environment Science (Old Course) 938
Non-Ruminants Production and Management (Tech. New Course) 9181
Industrial Crop Production (Tech. New Course) 9221
Switch Gear and Protection (Tech. New Course) 9261
Mechanics of Structure (Tech. New Course) 9301
Visual Programming (Tech. New Course) 9341
Biology (New Course) 2021
Education and Development (New Course) 2041
Geography (New Course) 2061
Lega.1 Drafting (New Course) 2101
Sociology (New Course) 2121
Ayurbed (New Course) 2141
Business Studies (New Course) 2161
Linguistics (New Course) 2181
Political Science 2201
Philosophy (New Course) 2221
Population Studies (New Course) 2241
Food and Nutrition (New Course) 2281
Dance (New Course) 2301
History of Arts 2321
Kannakand (New Course) 5321
Falit Jyotish (New Course) 5341

Date: 2080/02/04 (Thursday)

Biology (Botany + Zoology) (Old Course) 214
Optional English(Old Course) 220
Principles of Accounting -II (Old Course) 224
Japanese (Old Course) 284
Human Value Education (Old Course) 290
Applied Arts (Old Course) 630
Civil Law & justice (Old Course) 672
Meat Science and Technology (Tech. New Course) 9191
Plant Pathology and Mushroom Production (Tech. New Course) 9231
Renewable Energy System (Tech. New Course) 9271
Fluids Mechanic (Tech. New Course) 9311
Computer Network (Tech. New Course) 9351

Date: 2080/02/05 (Friday)

Mathematics (New Course) 4021
Applied mathematics (New Course) 4041
Business Mathematics (New Course) 4061
Human rights (New Course) 4081
Library and Information Science(New Course) 4101
Home Science (New Course) 4121
Environment Science (New Course) 4141
General Law (New Course) 4161
Finance (New Course) 4181
Co-operative management 4201
Buddhist Studies (New Course) 4221
Sculpture 4241
Signing (New Course) 4261
Computer Science (New Course) 4281
Sericulture and Bee Keeping (New Course) 4301
Beautician and Hair Dressing (New Course) 4321
Plumbing and Wiring (New Course) 4361
Hotel Management (New Course) 4401
Mass Communication (New Course) 4421
Health and Physical Education (New Course) 4441
Sports Science (New Course) 4461
Social Studies & Life Skill Education (New Course) 4481
Geography (Old Course) 218
Computer Science (Old Course) 230
Optional Nepali (Old Course) 232
Maithili (Old Course) 248
Hindi (Old Course) 260
Newari (Old Course) 268
Rural Development (Old Course) 602
Sculpture (Old Course) 624
Folk Music (Vocal) (Old Course) 638
Folk Music (Instrument Flute) (Old Course) 640
Commercial Mushroom Produ. & Mkt. (Tech. Old Course) 644
Intro. to Livestock Breeding Mgrnt.(Tech. Old Course) 650
Data. Comm. & Computer Network (Tech. Old Course) 654
Structural Analysis & RCC Design (Tech. Old Course) 658
Opt & Maint. of Micro Hydro Plant & PV Sys (Tech. Old Course) 662
Criminal Law & Justice (Old Course) 674
Genetics and Animal Breeding (Tech. New Course) 9201
Agri- Economics (Tech. New Course) 9241
Electrical CAD and Based Design (Tech. New Course) 9281
RCC Structure (Tech. New Course) 9321
Contemporary Technology (Tech. New Course) 9361

Important Instructions:

(a) Absenteeism: No other arrangements will be made for candidates who are absent from the examination as per the prescribed examination schedule.

(b) Postponement: Even in the case of emergency holidays, the examination will not be postponed without prior notification from the Examination Control Office.

(c) Required Materials: Candidates should bring materials such as graph paper, chart, Goshwara voucher, bank cash book, log table, etc. required for the examination.

(d) Biology Subject: Candidates taking the Biology subject must use the same answer sheet for Botany and Zoology subjects, according to the new syllabus.

(e) Examination Center and Electronic Devices: Candidates cannot change the examination center, and it is forbidden to carry mobile phones, smartwatches, and other electronic devices in the exam.

(f) Same-Day Exam: If more than one subject of a student is examined on the same day, it should be reported to the state/branch office of the board or the examination control office within 15 days of the publication of the notice.

(g) New Course and Old Course: Regular examinees for the technical field with registration numbers starting with 79 should participate in the examination according to the new course. Other grade increase/partial examinees with registration numbers starting from 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, and 78 will have to take the exam according to the old course.

(h) Registration Numbers for Stream and Grades: The first two digits of the registration number 78 and 79 towards the normal/traditional stream and the grade increase and regular examinees should participate in the examination according to the New Course.

By following these instructions and being aware of the exam schedule, candidates can perform well in their NEB class 12 annual examination.

Exam Routine Class 12 NEB

NEB - National Examinations Board

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Estd. 2016