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NEB Class 12 Grade Increment (supplementary) Exam Routine and Application Notice

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NEB-National Examination Board

Government of Nepal, National Examination Board (NEB), Office of Controller of Examinations (Class 11 & 12), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur: Class 12 grade increment (supplementary) examination timetable (Routine) and notification regarding submission of application form

In the annual examination of class 12 conducted in the month of Jestha in the year 2079, as a regular examinee (with the last two digits of the registration number 78) participating in the examination and obtaining a minimum grade of D or higher in other subjects in the theoretical side and obtaining NG (Not Graded) in the remaining two subjects or in the theoretical side As the Grade increment Exam will be conducted according to the following program so that the candidates who have obtained D or higher grade in other subjects and are absent in two subjects at most, can participate in the Grade increment Examination for two subjects; This notice is published for the information of all concerned.

Exam Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

2079 Ashoj 30th, Sunday:

- Optional English (0041)

- All the subjects of the examinees taking the exam in only one subject

- For the candidates taking the exam in two subjects, the subject with the smallest code number of the subjects they are taking the exam

2079 Ashoj 31, Monday:

- For candidates appearing in two subjects, the subject with the larger code number of the subjects they are taking

Arrangements for Exam Application Form Submission:

To participate in the 2079 class 12th grade increment exam dated 2079 Ashoj 7 in the account of Gartomitra Bard, Rs. per student for exam fee. 600 (six hundred) will have to be paid. For the students who are exempted from depositing the amount within the said period, the amount including the late fee per student within the date of Ashoj 14, 2079 a. 1,200 (one thousand and two hundred) must be paid through the concerned school and the application form must be submitted along with the receipt of payment to the relevant offices of the office dated Ashoj 25, 2079.


- Grade increment (supplementary) examination will be conducted for two days only. Candidates who participate in the grade increment test of only one subject, even if it is a general subject, will have to participate in the grade increment test on the first day of the examination.

- The examination of the candidates participating in the grade increment Examination in Compulsory English (0041) will be conducted on the first day only.

- Candidates participating in the grade increment exam in both compulsory English and compulsory Nepali subjects will have to take compulsory English (0041) on the first day and compulsory Nepali (0021) on the second day.

- Candidates taking the exam in two subjects will have to participate in the exam on the first day for the subject with a small code number and on the second day for the subject with a large code number.

- No other arrangement will be made for the candidates who are absent in the examination according to the prescribed examination schedule.

- Even if there is an emergency leave, the examination will not be postponed without prior notice from the Examination Control Office.

- Candidates should bring materials like graph paper, chart, log table, Goshwara Voucher etc. required for the exam.

- It is prohibited to use mobile phones, smart watches, Bluetooth devices, and other electronic devices during the exam.

- The notification regarding the examination center determination will be published later.

- The examination should be given only from the designated examination center. The center cannot be changed.

- Subjects to be taught in class 12 and subject code in order (from minor to major) are placed on the website of the National Examination Board:

Exam Routine Class 12 NEB

NEB - National Examinations Board

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Estd. 2016