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Nepal Police ASI Examination Center - Lok Sewa Aayog Hetauda

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Nepal Police ASI Examination Center - Lok Sewa Aayog Hetauda:

Public Service Commission, Hetauda Office, Hetauda Notice of ASI Examination Center: Advertisement No. 04 (076/77) of Nepal Police (Open and Inclusive) Competitive Written Examination of the candidates selected for the written examination from Bagmati State Police Training Center Dudhauli Sindhuli for the post of Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police as per the decision of Public Service Commission dated 2077-07-27; To ensure compliance with health care standards set by the Government of Nepal; This notice has been published for the information of all concerned regarding the conduct of the examination center to be conducted in the following examination centers.

Exam schedule

  • General Knowledge and Intellectual Test (First Paper) - 2077-08-18 at 1.00 pm (50 minutes)
  • English and Nepali language (Second letter) - 2077-08-19 at 1.00 pm (2 hours 30 minutes)
  • Professional Theoretical Knowledge (Volume A) (Third Paper) - 2077-08-20 at 1.00 pm (2 hours 15 minutes)
  • Professional Practical Test (Section B) (Third Paper) - 3.25 pm (45 minutes) on 2077-08-20

Examination Center:

Roll No. 6001 to 6368 (10 candidates) - Makwanpur Multiple Campus, Hetauda (a) Center

All over Roll No. 6369 (125 candidates) - Makwanpur Multiple Campus, Hetauda (b) Center.

Note: -1

A) In case of unexpected leave on the day of conducting the examination, the examination will not be postponed as per the schedule without prior notice of the Commission.

B) Mobile and electronic materials are prohibited in the examination building.

C) It is not possible to use a calculator in multiple-choice questions.

D) Only black ink should be used in the examination.

E) Candidates must go to the examination building with their admission card.

F) Participation in other examination centers other than the designated examination center will not be allowed.

G) When writing the answer to the material multiple answer question, only the answer written A, B, C, D in capital letters of English will be recognized.

H) The examinee should come to the examination with a certificate of Nepali citizenship or a genuine certificate with a photo issued by the government office.

I) After the completion of the examination of the third letter section (a) of the professional aptitude test (two hours and 15 minutes), the examinees will have to remain in the same place by submitting the answer sheet of the said section (a). At the same time, the answer book of section B will be distributed. There will be 10 minutes to fill in the name of the section and study the instructions outside the answer book.

Note: - 2: In the special case of transition, according to the criteria for conducting the examination (operation and management), 2077, the examinee will have to fully follow the following subjects /

A) You have to arrive at the examination center one hour and 30 minutes before the start of the examination.

B) It is mandatory to wear a mask before entering the examination center. In addition, the candidate himself will have to provide sanitizer and drinking water for his own purposes.

C) When entering the examination center when going to the toilet when leaving the examination center, a distance of two meters should be maintained.

D) The blank space in the answer book will have to be cut, the answer book will have to be counted, understood, signed, and left.

E) The instructions given by the manpower deployed in the examination should be fully followed.

F) As a special examination center has been set up at the concerned examination center for the candidates who are infected with COVID-19, the infected candidates are requested to contact 9855019302, 9841307854, and 9845309828 two days before the date of examination.

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