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Patan Academy of Health Sciences

PAHS Examination Center Announcement Examination Center Declaration for PAHS Competitive Exams

The Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) Service Commission has released important details regarding the examination center for the forthcoming competitive written exams. This information is crucial for all applicants participating in the Internal Competition, open and inclusive categories. The announcement aims to guide candidates on the protocols to follow on the examination day.

Essential Examination Instructions

  • Use of Black Ink: Candidates must use a dot pen or pen with black ink only on the answer sheets.

  • Admit Card Requirement: It is mandatory for all candidates to bring the admit card to the exam. No one will be allowed entry without it. Please arrive at the examination hall at least one hour early.

  • Prohibited Items: Personal belongings such as bags, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the examination building.

  • Examination Schedule Adherence: The exam will take place as scheduled, regardless of any unexpected holidays, unless notified otherwise by the Commission.

  • Objective Question Instructions: For multiple-choice questions, only answers written in capital letters (A, B, C, D) will be accepted.

  • Identification: Along with the admit card, candidates must carry either their citizenship card or a government-issued identity card from Nepal.

Special Examination Standards Compliance The examination will adhere strictly to the standards set out in the 2077 (Third Amendment) related to examination conduct and management during special transitional cases, as issued by the Commission.

Health Safety Protocols During COVID-19

  • Mandatory Mask Wearing: Candidates must wear a mask before entering the examination center and are advised to bring their sanitizer and drinking water.

  • Timely Arrival: Arrive at the exam center one hour before the examination to avoid any last-minute rush and to facilitate adherence to safety protocols.

  • Social Distancing: Maintain a minimum two-meter distance from others, especially when entering and exiting the examination center, and follow the designated paths.

  • Avoiding Groups: Candidates should refrain from congregating or engaging in group discussions within the examination premises.

  • Following Personnel Instructions: All exam-related personnel must be obeyed, and their instructions followed diligently.

The PAHS Service Commission emphasizes the importance of these guidelines to ensure a smooth and safe examination experience. Candidates are urged to comply with all the instructions to facilitate an organized and efficient exam process. For more information, candidates can visit the official PAHS website or contact the service commission directly.

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