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Special Chance Exam Schedule Announcement Pokhara University

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Pokhara University Notices

Special Chance Exam Schedule Announcement: Pokhara University

This announcement details the examination schedule for special chance exams in 2080, provided by the Office of the Controller of Examinations at Pokhara University. Students from the Faculty of Science and Technology, specifically those studying for a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil, should take note of the dates and subjects listed.

Level: BE Civil

Exam Date and Courses:

  • 19-December-2023:

    • Object Oriented Programming in C++
    • Engineering Drawing
    • Irrigation Engineering
    • Construction Project Management
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • 23-December-2023:

    • Transportation Engineering II
    • Structural Analysis I
  • 25-December-2023:

    • Engineering Mathematics III
    • Hydraulics
    • Surveying II
    • Transportation Engineering I
  • 27-December-2023:

    • Engineering Mathematics II
    • Engineering Geology
    • Applied Mechanics II
  • 29-December-2023:

    • Basic Electronics Engineering
    • Physics/Strength of Materials
  • 31-December-2023:

    • Basic Electrical Engineering
    • Applied Mechanics I
    • Engineering Hydrology
    • Applied Mechanics (Dynamics)
  • 2-January-2024:

    • Soil Mechanics
  • 4-January-2024:

    • Numerical Methods
  • 6-January-2024:

    • Foundation Engineering
    • Sanitary Engineering
  • 8-January-2024:

    • Water Resources Engineering II
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Chemistry
    • Hydropower Engineering
  • 10-January-2024:

    • Engineering Economics
    • Programming in C
  • 12-January-2024:

    • Thermal Science
    • Design of Steel and Timber
  • 14-January-2024:

    • Design of R.C.C. Structure

Please note that all exams are scheduled to start at 07:00 a.m.

Students should confirm the specific date for each subject they are enrolled in and make the necessary preparations.

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