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21 Examination Centers Set for SEE Exam in Kalikot

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21 Examination Centers Set for SEE Exam in Kalikot

In Kalikot district, the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) examination of 2023 will be conducted in 21 centers across the municipality. Shubhakali Rural Municipality, which previously had only one examination center, has added one center this year, making a total of 21 centers.

Combining Regular and Technical Students:

This year, the SEE examination will be conducted by combining regular and technical students together in the district. A total of 3,766 students will be taking the exam, out of which 3,721 are regular students, and 45 students are from the technical side.

Gender Ratio in the Examination:

Sunita Rokaya, Technical Assistant of Education Development and Coordination Unit, Kalikot, informed that out of the total number of examinees, there are 1,863 female students and 1,903 male students. According to her, there are 40 fewer female students than male students.

Increasing Awareness on Girls' Education:

Rokaya mentioned that in recent years, parents have become more aware of the importance of sending their daughters to school, even in remote areas. This awareness is reflected in the number of female examinees in the SEE examination.

Highest and Lowest Number of Examinees:

The Saraswati Secondary School in Dhaulagoh has the highest number of examinees with 241 students taking the exam there. Meanwhile, the Panchadeval Madhyamik Vidyalaya Mehelmudi has the lowest number of examinees, with only 118 students taking the exam. The second Motiram Secondary School Raskot 2, with a large number of students, has 233 examinees.

Schools with 200 Students:

There are six schools in the district with 200 students, while all other examination centers have less than 200 students.

Management and Monitoring:

The Education Development and Coordination Unit will be responsible for managing and monitoring the SEE examination in Kalikot district.

Published on 13th March 2023

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