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Bank of Kathmandu Notice for Distribution of Cash Dividend to Shareholders

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Bank of Kathmandu Notice for Distribution of Cash Dividend to Shareholders

Bank of Kathmandu Limited Notice for distribution of cash Dividend to shareholders:

The Bank of Kathmandu Limited, on the date of 2076/06/30, passed the 25th Annual General Assembly to distribute a cash dividend to the shareholders of the bank at the rate of 11% of the paid up capital from the profits of Fiscal Year 2075/076. This information has been published from Capital Market Limited, Kamaladi Kathmandu for the information of all the shareholders in respect of arrangements to deposit/payment in the bank account provided to the beneficiary account of the respective shareholders.

1. For the purpose of the general meeting, arrangements have been made to deposit the cash dividend in the account of the beneficiary account of the shareholders till the date of the cancellation of the shares.

2. To arrange for deposit/payment of cash dividends as per the following in favor of shareholders, who have physically held share certificates or opened a beneficiary account, or have not yet de-authorized the shares of this bank or have not upgraded their bank account to the beneficiary account. Has been |

3. The shareholders, who have not yet done the dematerialization (DEMAT) or have not opened the beneficiary account, do not dematerialize the shares of this bank, by opening the beneficiary account in the depository member who is entitled to them. The cash dividend deposit arrangement will be arranged.

4. If the shareholders, who have done their DEMAT, but have not updated the bank account in the beneficiary account, will update the bank account number in their beneficiary account as soon as possible, the arrangement will be made to deposit their cash dividend in the same account.

Things to keep in mind when updating a bank account:

1. The bank account must be from the Nepal Clearing House, which is a member of the IPS membership bank and a financial institution, and the current account should be in the name of the respective shareholder (in the same name if nominated). 

2. In updating the bank account details in the beneficiary account, the account number provided by the bank will have to be exactly matched and the same details have to be updated.

3. In case of bank account number not verified, name of the bank after the merger, changed name of beneficiary account and bank account not verified and for various reasons, the dividend amount has not been credited to the account holders, the details mentioned in the beneficiary account have been updated, through cash dividend 125, respectively. The deposit will be arranged in the bank account

4. Deposit of cash dividend in the bank account will be charged by the shareholder only if there are any changes as per the rules of the respective banks and financial institutions.

In the case of shareholders who are availing loan facility by owning their shares:

For the purposes of the General Assembly, the shareholder generals who have consumed the loan facility on the day before the closing of the stock filing cancellation will also open the number of shares held by the banks and financial institutions by the concerned bankers. No Objection Letter or shareholders who have repaid the loan beyond the date mentioned in the BOK by paying the cash dividend. We will also inform you of the details of the arrangement for depositing cash into the bank account mentioned in the beneficiary account of the beneficiary after the submission to Capital Market Limited.

Bank Of Kathmandu Limited

Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu

Estd. 1995