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CAN Announces Salary Hikes and Strategic Appointments

News 27 Feb 2024 458 0

Cricket Association of Nepal CAN

Cricket Association of Nepal Announces Major Updates: Salary Hikes and Strategic Appointments

In a significant move to uplift cricket in Nepal, the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has announced a series of pivotal decisions during its central committee meeting held on February 24 and 26, 2024. These decisions, aimed at enhancing player welfare and promoting cricket development, mark a new era for the sport in the nation.

Salary Revisions for National Players

A notable highlight from the meeting is the revision of salaries for Nepal's national cricket players. In a step towards recognizing and valuing the contributions of male cricketers, CAN has decided to increase their monthly salary to 100,000 rupees. This decision represents a significant salary boost, particularly for players in the top 'A' category who previously earned 60,000 rupees monthly.

Conversely, the top female national players will now receive a monthly salary of 50,000 rupees, which, while an improvement, still underscores the existing wage gap between male and female athletes in the sport.

Structured Salary and New Categories

The new salary structure introduces five categories for both men and women players, each with specified salaries reflecting the athletes' levels and contributions. The introduction of an Emerging category for the first time is a strategic move to encourage talent from all seven provinces, offering a monthly salary of 25,000 rupees to selected players.

Coaching and Development Initiatives

In a significant stride towards improving cricket coaching and development, CAN has appointed Gyanendra Malla and Kalam Ali as coaches for the Nepal 'A' team and Mahesh Rizal for the U-19 women's national team. These appointments are part of CAN's comprehensive plan to boost the quality and performance of cricket in Nepal.

Promotion of Women's Cricket

CAN's meeting also highlighted a strong commitment to women's cricket development, with the appointment of specific coordinators for tournament, technical, development, and women's cricket development committees. This initiative is geared towards enhancing the profile and quality of women's cricket in Nepal.

Looking Ahead: Mission 2027

With an eye on the future, CAN has laid out plans for "Mission 2027," aiming to prepare for the U-19 Women's World Cup Cricket Tournament, co-organized with Bangladesh. This mission includes conducting the U-16 Women's Interschool Cricket Talent Hunt and Training Program across all seven provinces, a move designed to discover and nurture young talent for a brighter future in women's cricket.

List of Nepali Cricket Players and Their Salaries

Men's National Cricket Team

  • Category A (Monthly Salary: 100,000 Rupees)

    • Rohit Paudel
    • Sompal Kami
    • Karan KC
    • Dipendra Singh Airee
    • Asif Sheikh
    • Kushal Bhurtel
  • Category B (Monthly Salary: 70,000 Rupees)

    • Kushal Malla
    • Gulshan Jha
    • Bhim Sarki
    • Lalit Narayan Rajvanshi
    • Arif Sheikh
    • Avinash Bohra
  • Category C (Monthly Salary: 55,000 Rupees)

    • Vinod Bhandari
    • Arjun Saud
    • Sandeep Zora
    • Pratis JC
  • Category D (Monthly Salary: 35,000 Rupees)

    • Pawan Sarraf
    • Sagar Dhakal
    • Anil Shah
    • Vivek Yadav
    • Akash Chand
    • Basir Ahmed
    • Surya Tamang
  • Emerging Category (Monthly Salary: 25,000 Rupees)

    • Dipesh Kandel (Koshi)
    • Rupesh Singh (Madhesh)
    • Rijan Dhakal (Bagmati)
    • Bipin Khatri (Gandaki)
    • Dev Khanal (Lumbini)
    • Arjun Khatri (Karnali)
    • Hemant Dhami (Far West)

Women's National Cricket Team

  • Category A (Monthly Salary: 50,000 Rupees)

    • Indu Burma
    • Rubina Chhetri
    • Sita Ranamagar
  • Category B (Monthly Salary: 35,000 Rupees)

    • Kavita Kunwar
  • Category C (Monthly Salary: 30,000 Rupees)

    • Pooja Mahato
    • Asmina Karmacharya
  • Category D (Monthly Salary: 25,000 Rupees)

    • Apsari Begum
    • Kavita Joshi
    • Sangeeta Rai
    • Kajol Shrestha
    • Bindu Rawal
  • Emerging Category (Monthly Salary: 20,000 Rupees)

    • Soni Pakhrin
    • Khushi Dangol
    • Jyotsnika Marasini
    • Kanchan Shrestha
    • Ruby Poddar
    • Srishti Jaisi
    • Jadyankumari Khadka
    • Sana Praveen

Oveall, the recent decisions by the CAN are a clear indicator of its dedication to nurturing cricket talent and ensuring gender equity in the sport. While the increase in salaries for male players is a welcome change, the disparity in pay highlights an area that needs further attention. Through strategic appointments and developmental initiatives, CAN is setting the stage for a thriving cricket culture in Nepal, promising a bright future for both male and female cricketers.